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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Role of Online Web Collaboration in Small and Medium Businesses - Technology Articles Daily

Role of Online Web Collaboration in Small and Medium Businesses

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Small and Medium Business (SMB) enterprises have played an essential role in the economic development of Malaysia. These business firms are located at different parts of the country and need an effective communication infrastructure in order to coordinate with each other. The advent of technology has brought about a paradigm shift in the way corporate firms communicate nowadays. SMBs can avail the services of reliable Malaysian conferencing service providers that offer high end software for online web collaboration. These solutions create an environment for virtual meeting in order to facilitate communication between geographically dispersed participants.
Malaysian conferencing service providers offer solutions that have intuitive interfaces which allow professionals in accessing all features easily. For using these virtual meeting solutions, both moderator as well as participants does not need to install any type of additional software, as these can be accessed from the browser itself. These solution providers also offer unique user login ID and passwords that enables participants to join the meeting. Moreover, to ensure that unauthorised personnel cannot enter the event, these service providers also adhere to sophisticated security protocols. These easy to use collaboration solutions are offered with multilingual support in as many as 17 local and international languages.
In today's mobile world, these solutions can also be accessed using laptops, Smartphones and tablet computers that must be compatible with iOS, Android and BBOS operating systems and have a high speed Internet connection. In addition, these solutions also efficiently work on Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems, thus offering interoperability with various operating systems.
In a country like Malaysia, where audio conference calls are preferred over web meetings, many reliable conference service providers like Arkadin offer a unique 'One Rate' payment model. Under this package, users need to pay the same rate for accessing either the simple voice conference call or high end virtual meetings. This payment model has enabled small and medium businesses to implement online conferencing in their communication platform and enjoy services that only large business conglomerates have enjoyed till now.
Malaysian enterprises can also use these solutions for marketing their products in national as well as international market. The online web conferencing suites help them in reaching a large number of people simultaneously. They can converse with each other owing to multipoint conferencing feature of online meetings. Corporate firms can display their newly launched products while giving detailed information about their offerings. This solution enables users in establishing real-time conferencing with their clients, associates and peers.
Such solutions provide provision for dial-out options, mute / unmute feature and separate chat window to individual participants. Conferencing service providers offer several other features that include annotation and whiteboarding tools for real-time sessions and zoom-in / zoom-out options. Online web conferencing also helps in real-time communication as it helps users in transferring documents, files, applications, presentations, audio and videos files. In addition, these also help in efficient training and brainstorming of geographically isolated professionals.Online meetings can also be recorded for future references and for evaluating the meeting later on.
Thus, it can be justified that the future of multipoint conferencing lies with web-based meetings due to a large number of features that are accessible at affordable rates.

Role of Online Web Collaboration in Small and Medium Businesses - Technology Articles Daily


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