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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Study on a Web-based Project Integrated Management Information System in A/E/C Industry | Liu | Journal of Software

ournal of Software, Vol 7, No 8 (2012), 1713-1720, Aug 2012

Study on a Web-based Project Integrated Management Information System in A/E/C Industry

Yong Liu, Chunlai Chen, Caiyun Cui


The author tries to develop and implement a Web-based Project Integrated Management Information System (PIMIS) in Architecture/engineering/construction (A/E/C) industry. The targets, the functional planning, the framework and the technical index of the PIMIS were presented firstly. Then, experimental implement of this developed system were put forward in 3 A/E/C project. Finally, an empirical interview survey targeting the project managers of the studied 3 cases was carried to estimate its implement performance. Results show that the acceptance and implement of the PIMIS can significantly improve the performance of the project cost control, and successful implementation of the PIMIS, in terms of leading to better outcomes for the A/E/C project, Coordination improvement among participators and Reduction of contract disputes, etc, is not simple a matter of introducing the system into an project organization. Instead, it must be associated with overall project management approaches such as a suitable organization mode, an appropriate system, the standard workflows, adequate personal trainings and even a coordinated project management philosophy.


project; web-based PIMIS; implement performance; A/E/C industry


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Study on a Web-based Project Integrated Management Information System in A/E/C Industry | Liu | Journal of Software

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