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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

VTMM - Virtual Team Maturity Model - Tags: VIRTUAL reality TEAMS in the workplace

VTMM - Virtual Team Maturity Model

Friedrich, Ralf; Bleimann, Udo; Stengel, Ingo; Walsh, Paul
January 2011
Proceedings of the European Conference on Management, Leadership;2011, p159
Conference Proceeding
As virtual teamwork becomes more and more widely used the performance of many virtual teams is still low and initiatives improving virtual team performance are often ignored (Kostner, 1998, Lipnack and Stamps, 2000, St�ger and Thomas, 2007). One of the reasons is the lack of a reference model against which virtual teams can be assessed and gaps in the performance can be identified and closed. In two rounds of control group experiments, carried-out in 2010 and 2011 and an organisational analysis of a global engineering organisation in 2011, it was identified that a gap in performance is closely related to inappropriate behaviours of team leaders and team members in a virtual environment. VTMM - Virtual Team Maturity Model addresses this gap. It is designed to assess the current maturity of a virtual team and proposes clear steps to improve the virtual team performance quickly. This is achieved through a set of pre-defined virtual team processes. Implementing these processes will lead to a new behaviours applied by all members of the virtual team and this new behaviour will lead then to increased team performance. The increased performance can be measured in maturity levels, showing evidence of the degree of implementation of the virtual team processes. In addition to the processes, VTMM offers two best practice libraries: One for virtual team tools and one for virtual team culture.
Tags: VIRTUAL reality;  TEAMS in the workplace;  EMPLOYMENT practices;  ORGANIZATIONAL structure;  BEST practices

VTMM - Virtual Team Maturity Model - Tags: VIRTUAL reality TEAMS in the workplace

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