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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Virtual team performance in crowdsourcing contestsls

Virtual team performance in crowdsourcing contests: A social network perspective completed research paper
  (Conference Paper)

University of Texas Arlington, Arlington, TX, United States

Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ, United States


Recent advances in information
technology have made it feasible for organizations to pool expertise
around the globe. In particular, organizations increasingly seek
solutions to their business problems using online crowdsourcing contests
that are open the public. Motivated by this new phenomenon, this
research investigates how the distribution of social connections and
skill levels within a virtual team impacts its performance in the
context of online crowdsourcing contests. Specifically, we examine the
impacts of member centrality, skill levels and the alignment of these
two measures within a virtual team on team performances in competitive
environments. Our analysis suggests that centrality and skill levels of
members of different roles are related to team performance differently.
We further show that the alignment of member centrality and skill level
has a negative impact on team performances, and this negative impact get
stronger when the competition intensity is high. Our findings have
strategic implications to the design of virtual work teams.

Author keywords

Crowdsourcing; Social network analysis; Virtual teams

Indexed keywords

Engineering controlled terms: Information systems
Business problems; Competitive environment;
Crowdsourcing; Research papers; Social connection; Team performance;
Virtual team; Virtual works
Engineering main heading: Social networking (online)

Source Type: Book
Original language: English

Document Type: Conference Paper
Sponsors: ACM SIGMIS,Georgia
State University, J. Mack Robinson College of Business,IBM,SAP
University Alliances,The University of Auckland Business School
Publisher: Association for Information Systems

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