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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Relationship of Google Scholar Versions and Paper Citations


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Subject: Social
Sciences, Library & Information Science; h-index; citations;
published version; Scopus database; highly cited paper; bibliometrics
Online: 14 June 2017 (06:07:12 CEST)
The number of citations that a
paper has received is the most commonly used indicator to measure the
quality of research. Researchers, journals, and universities want to
receive more citations for their scholarly publications to increase
their h-index, impact factor, and ranking respectively. In this paper,
we tried to analyses the effect of the number of available Google
Scholar versions of a paper on citations count. We analyzed 10,162
papers which are published in Scopus database in year 2010 by Malaysian
top five universities. Then we developed a software to collect the
number of citations and versions of each paper from Google Scholar
automatically. The result of spearman correlation coefficient revealed
that there is positive significant association between the number of
Google Scholar versions of a paper and the number of times a paper has
been cited.

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