Citation is important since it endorses the quality of research
(article). Most researchers are evaluated based upon their publications
as well as the numbers of citations that their publications receive (Al
Ebrahim et al., 2013). One of the leverage to increase citations is the
quality and/or the rank of target journal. Our research investigates the
correlation between times citation and quartile scores (Q1, Q2,
Q3,& Q4). The result shows that those articles which published in
high impact factor journals will receive more citations. Surprisingly,
many articles could not get citation, whereas these articles were
published in the lower rank journals with Q3 & Q4 quartile scores.

Dr. Ale Ebrahim believes that
publishing a high quality paper in scientific journals will be a
halfway of receiving citation in the future. He said the rest of the way
is advertising and disseminating the publications by using the proper “Research Tools”.

However, our study shows that 24.62% of articles were published in Q3
& Q4 journals, whereas 6.7 % of times citation belongs to them.
Compare to Q1 journals; 41.92% of articles get 66.54% of total

In short, the within-quartile averages shown in the following figure
depicts that  publishing in a journal with a higher impact factor
appears to be the most effective strategy to increase citation. This
study were conducted in the area of supply chain management.