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Friday, 11 November 2016

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Volume 6, Issue 4, 2016, Pages 984-992
Open Access

Competition intensity, uncertainty environmental on
the use of information technology and its impact on business performance
small and medium enterprises  (Article)

School of Economics, Al-Anwar Mojokerto, Indonesia

Faculty of Economic, Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Indonesia


In the business
world, the information technology revolution led to tremendous changes
in competition, production, marketing and human resource management. The
use of information technology is a vital component of business
performance (BP). By this study wanted to know of competition intensity
(CI), uncertainty environment (UE) of business and the use of
information technology and its impact on BP. The sample number in this
study are 130 respondences of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
printing management in East Java, using purposive sampling technique.
Through testing with analysis of structural equation modeling the
results of this study found that: First, CI impact significant positive
on the information technology investment (IIT). But CI impact
significant negative BP SMEs. Second, UE of business impact significant
positive on the BP of SMEs and IIT. Third, IIT impact significant
positive on the BP of SMEs. © 2016, Econjournals. All rights reserved.

Author keywords

Business performance; Competition intensity;
Information technology; Small and medium enterprises; Uncertainty
environment of business

ISSN: 21464405
Source Type: Journal
Original language: English

Document Type: Article
Publisher: Econjournals

Scopus - Document details

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