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Friday, 13 April 2012

IEMS_Vol._10_No._2_pp._109-114_June_2011.pdf (application/pdf Object)

The effectiveness of virtual R&D Teams in SMEs: experiences of Malaysian SMEs

N Ale Ebrahim, A Rashid, S Hanim… - Industrial …, 2011 -
... the current workload Improved performance Virtual team system/tool is effective Capable of ... Kratzer,
J., Leenders, R., and Engelen, JV (2005), Keeping Virtual R&D Teams Creative, Research ... Pihkala,
T., Varamaki, E., and Vesalainen, J. (1999), Virtual organization and the SMEs ...

[PDF] The Effectiveness of Virtual R&D Teams in SMEs: Experiences of Malaysian SMEs

S Hanim… - 2010 -
... times, respond quickly to changing business environments, and finally higher team effectiveness
and coordination. ... While some studies have been conducted on use of Virtual R&D teams in large ...
ALE EBRAHIM, N., AHMED, S. & TAHA, Z. (2009a) Virtual R & D teams in small ...

Virtual R&D teams in small and medium enterprises: A literature review

N Ale Ebrahim, S Ahmed… - 2010 -
... Research and development is a strategy for developing technologies that can be commercialized
under independent intellectual property rights. ... Higher team effectiveness and efficiency (May
and Carter, 2001; Shachaf and Hara, 2005). ... VIRTUAL R & D TEAMS IN SMES ...

Virtual R&D teams and SMEs growth: A comparative study between Iranian and Malaysian SMEs

N Ale Ebrahim, S Ahmed… - African Journal of Business …, 2010 -
... Weak at converting research and development into effective innovation ... Indeed, there are huge
opportunities for SMEs to grow and become active and increase their level of contribution as
the case of SMEs in developed economies by implementing virtual R&D teams in the ...

SMEs; Virtual research and development (R&D) teams and new product development: A literature review

NA Ebrahim, S Ahmed… - International Journal of the …, 2010 -
... corner or across the hallway to a trusted colleague is still the most reliable and effective way to ...
Variety of practices (cultural and work diversity) and employee mobility nega- tively impacted
performance in virtual teams (Chudoba et al ... RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (R&D) ...

Critical factors for new product developments in SMEs virtual team

N Ale Ebrahim, S Ahmed… - African Journal of Business …, 2010 -
... by the absence of soft technology and limited abilities to make effective and efficient ... areas that
will directly generate their future competitive advantage (for example, in R&D to generate ... grouped
together through factor analysis to form the critical factors of NPD in virtual teams. ...

Architecting gloCal (global–local), real-virtual incubator networks (G-RVINs) as catalysts and accelerators of entrepreneurship in transitioning and developing …

EG Carayannis… - Technovation, 2005 - Elsevier
... in this context, knowledge-based and knowledge-supported entrepreneurship via real and virtual,
global and ... The dimension of a more effective and efficient development resulting from
e-Development interventions ... More on Tekes activities in the 'R&D promotion' section below. ...

Virtual R&D Teams: A potential growth of education-industry collaboration

N Ale Ebrahim, S Ahmed, A Rashid, S Hanim… - 2010 -
... [9] O. Gassmann and M. Von Zedtwitz, "Trends and determinants of managing virtual R&D teams,"
R&D Management, vol. 33, pp. ... 2653-2669, 2009. [11] N. Ale Ebrahim, et al., "Virtual R & D teams
in small and ... [16] V. Badrinarayanan and DB Arnett, "Effective virtual new product ...

SMEs and virtual R&D teams: A motive channel for relationship between SMEs

NA Ebrahim, S Ahmed… - … International Conference for, 2009 -
... Longhurst, and PC Ivey, “The application of a new research and development project selection ...
successful R&D cooperation in Japanese small businesses: The impact of organizational ... J. Kratzer,
R. Leenders, and JV Engelen, “Keeping Virtual R&D Teams Creative,” Industrial ...

Dealing with virtual R&D teams in new product development

N Ale Ebrahim, S Ahmed… - 2008 -
... recent studies specifically dealt with the development of new technologies and their impact on
new ... 4. VIRTUAL R&D TEAMS AND ITS ROLE IN NPD PROCESSES Research and Development
(R&D) is an ongoing process for forward thinking technology-based companies. ...

IEMS_Vol._10_No._2_pp._109-114_June_2011.pdf (application/pdf Object)


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