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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Knowledge Sharing in Virtual Teams a Perspective View of Social Capital

  Ying Chieh Liu


Although research on virtual teams is becoming more popular, there is a gap in the understanding of how social capital affects the processes of knowledge sharing and creating, and their impacts on virtual team performance. To fill in this gap, this study formed a framework by incorporating social capital and SECI model [7] and examined it by an experiment with 65 virtual teams collaborating in a Wiki platform. The results showed that social capital was positively related to the four SECI modes (socialization, internalization, combination and externalization) and three SECI modes (internalization, combination and externalization) were found to be positively related to virtual team performance. The contributions of this study were twofold. Firstly the framework brought a broader view of researching knowledge management in a virtual team context. Secondly leaders and managers of virtual teams should be made aware of enhancing the effects of social capital to encourage internalization, combination and externalization to substitute the role of socialization.

Abstract - SpringerLink

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