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Monday, 19 October 2015

Communication across Spatially Dispersed Teams

Communication across Spatially Dispersed Teams

Ashish Mohanty

Abstract :

 Communication is fundamental to any form of organising but is paramount in virtual organizations. Virtual 
organizations are characterised by highly dynamic processes, contractual relationships among entities and 
edgeless boundaries. Compared to traditional organisational settings, communication processes that occur in virtual 
organisations are expected to be rapid, customised, temporary,
greater in volume and more formal. Typically, these organisations rely
on computer mediated communication for communication because teams
working on joint projects are 
spatially dispersed and have to communicate across space and time zones. Spatially dispersed teams, therefore, must 
overcome a number of barriers, such as geographical distances,
trust issues, differing communication styles, and technology challenges.
This research paper explores the inherent challenges in managing and
communicating with members of a virtual team or workgroup, and reviews
current literature to provide an overview of effective methods and 
practices for organisations seeking to improve the communication and effectiveness of such teams.

Keywords :

Communication; Electronic Communication; Virtual Organisations; Virtual Teams  


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Ashish Mohanty Communication across Spatially Dispersed Teams Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.5, Issue : 5 May 2015

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Communication across Spatially Dispersed Teams

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