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Sunday, 10 April 2011

How to increase h-index; “Advertise and disseminate publications”

The First Iranian Students Scientific Conference in Malaysia (09 April 2011), pp. 1-69. Key: citeulike:9129411

Publishing a high quality paper in scientific journals is a halfway of receiving citation in the future. The rest of the way is advertising and disseminating the publications by using the proper “Research Tools”. Familiarity with the tools allows the researcher to increase his/her h-index in the short time. H-index shows the academicians influences in the specified field of research. Therefore, a person with higher level of h-index has more high quality publications with high amount of citations. This presentation, covers the following topics: Why publish and increase h-index?, Definition of h-index and g-index, Importance of h-index, How to use “Research Tools” Mind Map, Paper title preparation, Selecting keywords, Select the proper journal, Advertise published article, and finally Trace published article citation.

CiteULike: How to increase h-index; “Advertise and disseminate publications”

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