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Friday, 10 August 2012

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[PDF] The Impact of Communication Structure and Interpersonal Dependencies on Distributed Teams

T La Fond, D Roberts, J Neville, J Tyler… -
8 days ago - Abstract—In the past decade, we have witnessed an explosive growth of the
Web, online communities, and social media. This has led to a substantial increase in the
range and scope of electronic communication and distributed collaboration. In distributed ...

Performance challenges in virtual teams: a comparative case analysis

TU Daim - International Journal of Project Organisation and …, 2012 - Inderscience
8 days ago - In today's job market, global virtual teams are common. The teams are formed
for many different reasons and the success levels of these teams vary. Some common
reasons why teams are distributed include offering employees the benefit of choosing ...

New Perspectives of Virtual Teams' Collaboration

C Aldea, A Draghici… - Virtual and Networked Organizations, …, 2012 - Springer
14 days ago - This article describes new perspectives in virtual teams' collaboration, to
underline the actual trends and to identify their future development. These will be used for
product lifecycle projects management and to diminish/avoid risks, to harmonize team ...


H Zaugg, R Davies, AR Parkinson, SP Magleby… -
21 days ago - Abstract As international engineering teams become more prevalent,
universities need to adapt educational opportunities to prepare students to work in a global
environment. As part of an NSF grant to study global, virtual, engineering teams, a ...


P Anca-Diana, AC Carmen… -
24 days ago - Abstract: This paper aims to analyze Collaborative Virtual Teams by taking into
consideration items as national culture members' impact upon the whole team and linguistic
characteristics of the members. Starting from the conceptual framework definition ( ...


CL Sia… -
25 days ago - Abstract: With widespread use of collaboration technology and increasing
dispersion of teams due to globalization of companies, more and more collaboration
activities are being conducted virtually. However, virtual collaboration seems to work well ...

The Danish National Health Survey 2010. Study design and respondent characteristics

AI Christensen, O Ekholm, C Glümer… - … Journal of Public …, 2012 -
29 days ago - Aims: In 2010 the five Danish regions and the National Institute of Public
Health at the University of Southern Denmark conducted a national representative health
survey among the adult population in Denmark. This paper describes the study design ...

Emerald Article: Effective virtual new product development teams: an integrated framework

V Badrinarayanan… - Journal of Business & Industrial … -
38 days ago - Abstract Purpose–Research on virtual teams is still in its nascent stages. The
purpose of this paper is to develop a theoretically grounded integrative framework of key
factors influencing the effectiveness of virtual new product development teams. Design/ ...

Emerald Article: Using ISO 90003 for software" design and development" in large virtual teams

SR Das, U Yaylacicegi… -
42 days ago - Abstract Purpose–ISO 90003 provides guidelines for applying ISO 9001 to
software development processes. The purpose of this paper is to present how the software
development process in large, virtual teams (LVTs) can be managed, so that they are in ...

[PDF] Discontinuity and Collaboration in Technological Projects

J Daoudi… -
44 days ago - Abstract: Project teams today often work in complex collaborative and
extended settings, especially when multinational firms or international projects are involved.
Studies on projects have attempted to identify and measure the factors that influence ...

A trip around the world: Accommodating geographical, linguistic and cultural diversity in academic research teams

L Siemens… - Literary and Linguistic Computing, 2012 - ALLC
44 days ago - Abstract Those working within the academy are drawing collaborations, both
within and across their home institutions, to undertake increasingly complex and
sophisticated research questions, a trend supported by the granting agencies. Advances ...

Arctic: Building Community Support

JS Hull… - Cruise Tourism in Polar Regions: Promoting … -
69 days ago - In the 21st century, visitor numbers to polar regions are expanding rapidly
(Snyder, 2007; Dawson et al, 2007) This growth is due, in large part, to a growing interest
among visitors in exploring some of the last tourism frontiers on Earth (Hall, 2007) and ...

[PDF] Changing Skills in Changing Environments: Skills Needed in Virtual Construction Teams

W Sher, S Sherratt, A Williams… -
99 days ago - This book focuses on virtual reality. In the context of design, virtual reality is an
emerging technology that not only allows designers and other stakeholders to gain a
threedimensional appreciation of the artifact being designed, it also has the potential to ...

[PDF] Evaluation of domestic partner relationships and environmental uncertainty on degree of localization and performance of enterprises: The case of Iranian small …

RG Ahangar, K Alimardani… - African Journal of …, 2012 -
106 days ago - With the development of organizations and their expansion, and connection to
free business global market, the role of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will appear in
space of global competition day to day. Now, these organizations must increase the power ...

International Journal of Managing Projects in Business

N Drouin, C Besner, M Aubry, H Sicotte… - Policy -
140 days ago - Abstract Purpose–Virtual project teams are teams whose members use
technology to varying degrees in working across locational, temporal, and relational
boundaries to accomplish an interdependent task. Work in virtual project teams is a ...

[HTML] Euro 2011

PK Wójcik -
140 days ago - O ile w ciągu ostatnich kilku stuleci dokonała się rewolucja w rozumieniu
naszego miejsca we Wszechświecie–w przestrzeni kosmicznej–wszystko wskazuje na to, że
bieżące stulecie zrewolucjonizuje sposób, w jaki pojmujemy umysł–naszą przestrzeń ...

Mobile phones: challenges of capability building

R Mansell - Georgetown journal of international affairs, 2012 -
141 days ago - The rapid spread of mobile phones has increased access to an enormous
range of applications that are highly valued by urban and rural populations in developing
countries. The diffusion of the mobile phone has been faster than any other information ...

Managing Global Virtual Teams Across Classrooms, Students and Faculty

TP Shea, PD Sherer, RD Quilling… - Journal of Teaching in …, 2011 - Taylor & Francis
153 days ago - Virtual teams are becoming commonplace in business today so our business
school students should have experience in effectively working in virtual teams. Based on a
month-long virtual team project conducted by the authors between classes in South Africa ...

One piece at a time: why video-based communication is better for negotiation and conflict resolution

W Dong… - Proceedings of the ACM 2012 conference on …, 2012 -
175 days ago - Abstract We compared the effects of three computer mediated communication
(CMC) channels (text, audio, and video) on how people performed an appointment-
scheduling task. The task involved a grounding and a conflict resolution component. The ...

[PDF] Technology Use in the Virtual R&D Teams

S Hanim - 2012 -
184 days ago - Abstract: Problem statement: Although, literature proves the importance of the
technology role in the effectiveness of virtual research and development (R&D) teams for
new product development. However, the factors that make technology construct in a virtual ...

Role of trust and relationships in geographically distributed teams: exploratory study on development sector

MS Khan - International Journal of Networking and Virtual …, 2012 - Inderscience
191 days ago - This study explores the role of trust and relationships in geographically
distributed teams (virtual teams) of development sector. Interviewed teams were surrounded
by ground realities of their work locations, which included technology limitations, ...

[PDF] Distributed Ideation: Idea Generation in Distributed Capstone Engineering Design Teams

MW Glier, SR Schmidt, JS Linsey… - International Journal of …, 2011 -
191 days ago - This paper documents two studies in distributed idea generation at Texas
A&M. The first study is a controlled two-factor experiment wherein three-person groups of
mechanical engineering capstone design students generate solutions to a simple design ...

Exploring the State of Discipline on the Formation of Swift Trust within Global Virtual Teams

SAM Yusof… - System Science (HICSS), 2012 45th …, 2012 -
196 days ago - Abstract The study of global virtual teams (GVTs) is important in the Information
System (IS) field because GVTs employ a work structure that is heavily dependent on
information communication technology. Besides the use of technology, GVTs are also ...

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