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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Table of contents: collection - mprapa

Number of publications: 22182   Creation date: 2006-09-21
 1Derivation of Quarterly GDP, Investment Spending, and Government Expenditure Figures from Annual Data: The Case of Pakistan    (date: 2013-05-14)  Rashid, Abdul
 Jehan, Zanaib
 2Gross Capital Formation and GDP growth in Indian Agriculture Sector    (date: 2013-05-14)  marimuthu, sivakumar
 3Less quality more costs: Does local power sector reliability matter for electricity intensity?    (date: 2013-05-14)  Bagayev, Igor
 Najman, Boris
 4Restoring the credibility of the legal and economic foundations of financial stability: the need for incorporation of economic theories?    (date: 2013-05-14)  Ojo, Marianne
 5Money flexibility and optimal consumption-leisure choice under price dispersion    (date mod.: 2013-05-14)  Malakhov, Sergey
 6A reconciliation of time preference elicitation methods    (date: 2013-05-13)  Drichoutis, Andreas
 Nayga, Rodolfo
 7An Overview of Agricultural Credit and Crop Insurance in Bihar    (date: 2013-05-13)  Singh, R.K.P.
 Singh, K.M.
 8Appraising the benefits of bottleneck removal in rail transport: a simplified CBA approach    (date: 2013-05-13)  Beria, Paolo
 Grimaldi, Raffaele
 9Demography of political economy : the baby-boom generation    (date: 2013-05-13)  Belliveau, Stefan
 10Economics & Economy    (date: 2013-05-13)  Pyastolov, S.M.
 11Factors Determining FDI in Nigeria: Role of Emerging Economies    (date: 2013-05-13)  Dinda, Soumyananda
 12Heaven knows I’m miserable now: overeducation and reduced life satisfaction    (date: 2013-05-13)  Piper, Alan T.
 13How to Get Rid of Demand–Supply–Equilibrium for Good    (date: 2013-05-13)  Kakarot-Handtke, Egmont
 14Inequality, poverty and quality of institutions: which freedom channels of globalization matter for Africa?    (date: 2013-05-13)  Asongu , Simplice A
 15Line City Model with Exogenous Stackelberg Competition    (date: 2013-05-13)  Torbenko, Alexander
 16Measurement of Attitude and Behavior of Self-help Group Members: Evaluative Study of Eastern India    (date: 2013-05-13)  Meena, M.S.
 Singh, K.M.
 17Pricing information goods with piracy and heterogeneous consumers    (date: 2013-05-13)  Waters, James
 18Restoring the credibility of the legal and economic foundations of financial stability: The need for incorporation of economic theories?    (date: 2013-05-13)  Ojo, Marianne
 19The veil of experimental currency units    (date: 2013-05-13)  Drichoutis, Andreas
 Lusk, Jayson
 Nayga, Rodolfo
 20A Comparison between Two Main Academic Literature Collections: Web of Science and Scopus Databases    (date: 2013-05-12)  Aghaei Chadegani, Arezoo
 Salehi, Hadi
 Md Yunus, Melor
 Farhadi, Hadi
 Fooladi, Masood
 Farhadi, Maryam
 Ale Ebrahim, Nader
 21An Econophysics Model for Investments using the Law of the Electric Field Flow (Gauss’ Law)    (date: 2013-05-12)  Spanulescu, Ion
 Popescu, Ion
 Stoica, Victor
 Gheorghiu, Anca
 22Does Criticisms Overcome the Praises of Journal Impact Factor?    (date: 2013-05-12)  Fooladi, Masood
 Salehi, Hadi
 Md Yunus , Melor
 Farhadi, Maryam
 Aghaei Chadegani, Arezoo
 Farhadi, Hadi
 Ale Ebrahim, Nader
 23The Conversion of the Supply and Use Tables to Symmetric Input-Output Tables: A Critical Review    (date: 2013-05-12)  Soklis, George
 24The Link between Homeownership Motivation and Housing Satisfaction    (date: 2013-05-12)  Tan , Teck Hong
 Khong, Kok Wei
 25The performance of mutual funds on French stock market:Do star funds’ managers exist or do funds have to hire chimpanzees?    (date: 2013-05-12)  Blanchard, Michel
 Bernard, philippe
 26Corruption Within Education Sector : A Typology of Consequences    (date: 2013-05-11)  Dridi, Mohamed
 27Do Hypothetical Experiences Affect Real Financial Decisions? Evidence from Insurance Take-up    (date: 2013-05-11)  Cai, Jing
 Song, Changcheng
 28Effects of the monitoring, control and regulation public policies in the tobacco market in Colombia    (date: 2013-05-11)  Trujillo Sánchez, Jorge Enrique
 29Externality of young children on parents’ watching of anime: Evidence from Japanese micro data    (date: 2013-05-11)  Yamamura, Eiji
 30Identifying the Liquidity Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks For a Small Open Economy: Turkey    (date: 2013-05-11)  Berument, Hakan
 Togay, Selahattin
 Sahin, Afsin
 31Identifying, ranking and tracking systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs), from a global, EU and Eurozone perspective    (date: 2013-05-11)  Masciantonio, Sergio
 32India’s demographic dividend: opportunities and threats    (date: 2013-05-11)  Majumder, Rajarshi
 33Methodological approach to the analysis of socio-economic systems    (date: 2013-05-11)  Filippova, Irina
 34Output-Employment Relationship across Sectors: A Long- versus Short-Run Perspective    (date: 2013-05-11)  Sahin, Afsin
 Tansel, Aysit
 Berument, Hakan
 35Real Output and Prices Adjustments under Different Exchange Rate Regimes    (date: 2013-05-11)  Mirdala, Rajmund
 36Social Networks and the Decision to Insure    (date: 2013-05-11)  Cai, Jing
 de Janvry, Alain
 Sadoulet, Elisabeth
 37The Impact of Immigrant Concentration in Schools on Grade Retention in Spain: a Difference-in-Differences Approach    (date: 2013-05-11)  Pedraja Chaparro, Francisco
 Santín González, Daniel
 Simancas Rodríguez, Rosa
 38The Impact of Insurance Provision on Households’ Production and Financial Decisions    (date: 2013-05-11)  Cai, Jing
 39Unemployment among educated youth: implications for India’s demographic dividend    (date: 2013-05-11)  Majumder, Rajarshi
 40A simple empirical measure of central banks' conservatism    (date: 2013-05-10)  Levieuge, Grégory
 Lucotte, Yannick
 41Current State and Issues of Logistics Cost Accounting and Management in Malaysia    (date: 2013-05-10)  Zakariah, Sahidah
 Pyeman, Jaafar
 42Do Sufficient Institutions Alter the Relationship between Natural Resources And Economic Growth?    (date: 2013-05-10)  Zeynalov, Ayaz
 43Estimating Money Demand Function by a Smooth Transition Regression Model: An Evidence for Turkey    (date: 2013-05-10)  Sahin, Afsin
 44FDI in Retail in India: An Empirical Analysis    (date: 2013-05-10)  Sinha, Pankaj
 Singhal, Anushree
 45Financial statements analysis: Users of financial ratios    (date: 2013-05-10)  Govori, Fadil
 46Gasoline Consumption Dynamics in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua    (date: 2013-05-10)  Fullerton, Thomas M., Jr.
 Munoz Sapien, Gabriel
 Barraza de Anda, Martha P.
 Dominguez Ruvalcaba, Lisbeily
 47Intellectual Property Rights Protection, Complexity and Multinational Firms    (date: 2013-05-10)  Yang, Zhenzeng
 48Liquidity Contractions, Incomplete Financial Participation and the Prevalence of Negative Equity Non-recourse Loans    (date: 2013-05-10)  Iraola, Miguel
 Torres-Martínez, Juan Pablo
 49Managers versus students: new approach in improving capital structure education    (date: 2013-05-10)  Miglo, Anton
 50Multi-stage investment, long-term asymmetric information and equity issues    (date: 2013-05-10)  Miglo, Anton
 51On pure strategy equilibria in large generalized games    (date: 2013-05-10)  Riascos Villegas, Alvaro
 Torres-Martínez, Juan Pablo
 52The Economics of Climate Change and Science of Global Warming Debate:African Perspectives    (date: 2013-05-10)  Nwaobi, Godwin
 53Toilet Seat Rules: Why you Shouldn't Care    (date: 2013-05-10)  Marvasi, Enrico
 54Transact taxes in a price maker/taker market    (date: 2013-05-10)  Rosenthal, Dale W.R.
 Thomas, Nordia Diana Marie
 55Trust and Prosperity: A Conditional Relationship    (date: 2013-05-10)  Asongu , Simplice A.
 Kodila-Tedika, Oasis
 56A Social History of Romanian Space. From the Beginning of Dacian state until the rise of Modernity    (date: 2013-05-09)  Brie, Mircea
 57An Experimental Investigation of Colonel Blotto Games    (date: 2013-05-09)  Chowdhury , Subhasish
 Kovenock , Dan
 Sheremeta , Roman
 58Day-of-the-Week Effects in the Indian stock market    (date: 2013-05-09)  P., Srinivasan
 M., Kalaivani
 59Endogeneity of the optimum currency area criteria: a re-examination    (date: 2013-05-09)  Gammadigbé, Vigninou
 60Lin, B., Jiang, Z, 2012. Designation and influence of household increasing block electricity tariffs in China. Energy Policy 42, pp. 164–173: How biased is the measurement of household’s loss?    (date: 2013-05-09)  Salies, Evens
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Table of contents: collection - mprapa

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