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Sunday, 22 September 2013

CiteSeerX — Process Construct in the Virtual R&D Teams

Process Construct in the Virtual R&D Teams


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by Nader Ale Ebrahim , Shamsuddin Ahmed , Salwa Hanim , Abdul Rashid , Zahari Taha , Marjan Mohammadjafari


    author = {Nader Ale Ebrahim and Shamsuddin Ahmed and Salwa Hanim and Abdul Rashid and Zahari Taha and Marjan Mohammadjafari},
    title = {Process Construct in the Virtual R&D Teams},
    year = {}


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Abstract: literature proves the importance of the process role in the effectiveness of virtual research and development (R&D) teams for new product development (NPD). However, the factors that make process construct in a virtual R&D team are still unclear. The manager of virtual R&D teams for NPD does not know which items of process should be used. To address the gap and answer the question, the study presents a set of factors that make a process construct. The proposed construct modified by finding of the field survey. We empirically examine the relationship between construct, dimensions and its factors by employing the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). A measurement model built based on the 13 preliminary factors that extracted from the literature review. The result shows 9 factors out of 13 factors maintaining to make process construct. These factors can be grouped into two dimensions namely generating report and collaborative system. The findings can help new product development managers of enterprises to concentrate on the main factors for leading an effective virtual R&D team. In addition, it provides a guideline for future research. Key words: Collaboration teams, questionnaires performance, cross-functional teams, product development, measurement model, virtual team


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CiteSeerX — Process Construct in the Virtual R&D Teams

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