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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Workshop : PMT “Enhancing Research Visibility and Improving Citations” | Dental Research Management Centre

Workshop : PMT “Enhancing Research Visibility and Improving Citations”


Publishing a high quality paper in
scientific journals is only the mid point towards receiving citation in
the future. The balance of the journey is completed by advertising and
disseminating the publications by using the proper “
Research Tools”.
Familiarity with the tools allows the researchers to increase their
h-index in a short time. H-index shows the academicians influence in the
specified field of research. Therefore, an academician with a higher
level of h-index is deemed to have publications of higher quality
resulting in higher citations.

The number of citations contributes to over 30% in deciding the
ranking of a university. Therefore, most of the scientists  are looking
for an effective method to increase their citation record. Nader has developed and introduced
a method for increasing the visibility of the research which directly
affects on the number of citations. The following examples of two
researchers prove that publication marketing is indeed effective. Both
researchers have used the “Publication Marketing Tools” since the
beginning of 2012.


The workshop seeks to serve the following objectives:

• To increase a paper’s visibility, accessibility,

• To improve the quality of the article title and keywords

• To search and analyze the right journal to submit.

• To disseminate the publications by using “Research Tools” in order to increase citation

• To trace the citation

Who should attend?

The workshop is aimed at professors, lecturers, postgraduate
students, researchers who have published any papers and would like to
increase their papers’ visibility and number of citations. The
“publication marketing tools” uncovered at the workshop is useful across
various research disciplines and research institutions. Participants
should be familiar with using scientific databases and reference
management software. Basic computer skills are a prerequisite to attend
this workshop.

Tentative program

Time Activity
8:30am Registration
9:00am Why increase citation? THE World University Ranking system, Definition of h-index and g-index and How to measure h-index?
9:30am How to use “Research Tools” Mind Map, Optimizing Title/Abstract for Search Engines, Selecting keywords
10:00am Target Suitable Journal, Types of publications and citations
10:30am Tea break 1
11:00am Strategies to increase citations, Targeted advertising, Copyright issue
11:30am Online CV., Select the best paper repository,
12:00pm Document Publishing, Networking, Trace published article citation
12:30pm Q&A and closing
For any enquiries please feel free to contact us via email to

Workshop : PMT “Enhancing Research Visibility and Improving Citations” | Dental Research Management Centre

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