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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Master of Business Administration, Graduate Institute of Management, Multimedia University

Dear All,

Title of workshop : How to increase h-index “Advertise and disseminate publications”

Date & time : 8/June/2011 9Am-1Pm
Venue: MMU- FOM- AR1002
Speaker: Nader Ale Ebrahim

Registration: for registration students must be send email to MF_ZAHRAEI@YAHOO.COM until 5/June/2011.
Because of limitation in venue space (20 person), priority for meet workshop is for those earlier registered.

Registration fee: 25 RM, registration fee will be taken at the workshop.

Nader Ale Ebrahim is currently a Technology Management PhD candidate in the Department of Engineering Design and Manufacture, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya. He holds a Master of Science in mechanical engineering from University of Tehran with distinguished honors. Besides of his research, he was a Paper & Proceeding Committee member of the 11th Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering & Management Systems (APIEMS 2010) Conference, and he is acting as a Scientific Secretariat of University of Malaya International Students’ Association (UMISA). Currently he is local chair of ISDT 2012 conference and Paper & Proceeding director of UMIES 2011.

He is active in sharing his research finding by conducting a series of workshops in UM, UiTM, UKM, UPM, MMU and UTM. Nader developed a new method about using the “Research Tools” which help students who seek to reduce the search time by expanding the knowledge of researchers to more effectively use the "tools" that are available through the Net. He awarded as a Winner of Refer-a-Colleague Competition and received prize from Thomson Reuters.

His research interests focus on managing virtual teams for new product development in SMEs R&D centers. His about 32 papers have presented in the several referees journal and conferences.

Thank You & Best Regards,

Master of Business Administration, Graduate Institute of Management, Multimedia University

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