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Saturday, 28 July 2012

JEL Classification: G14 - Information and Market Efficiency; Event Studies - Munich Personal RePEc Archive

JEL Classification: G14 - Information and Market Efficiency; Event Studies

Number of items at this level: 240.
Dong, Ming; Hirshleifer, David and Teoh, Siew Hong (2012): Overvalued equity and financing decisions. Unpublished.
Sinha, Pankaj and Mathur, Kritika (2012): Evolution of security transaction tax in India. Unpublished.
Cesari, Riccardo; Marzo, Massimiliano and Zagaglia, Paolo (2012): Effective Trade Execution. Forthcoming in:
Nath, Golaka (2012): Indian corporate bonds market –an analytical prospective. Unpublished.
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Bicchetti, David and Maystre, Nicolas (2012): The synchronized and long-lasting structural change on commodity markets: evidence from high frequency data. Forthcoming in:
Kohonen, Anssi (2012): On detection of volatility spillovers in simultaneously open stock markets. Unpublished.
Armstrong, Mark and Vickers, John (2012): Consumer protection and contingent charges. Unpublished.
Rosenthal, Dale W.R. (2012): Performance metrics for algorithmic traders. Unpublished.
Boissin, Romain (2012): Are financial analysts of IPO firms under pressure: the European evidence. Unpublished.
Estrada, Fernando (2012): Asymmetric information and financial markets. Unpublished.
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Pacheco, Luís (2011): Moody’s credit ratings and the stock market performance of Portuguese rated firms. Unpublished.
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Aruga, Kentaka (2011): Linkages among the non-genetically modified soybean, conventional soybean, and corn futures markets in the Tokyo Grain Exchange. Unpublished.
Afego, Pyemo (2011): Stock Price Response to Earnings Announcements: Evidence from the Nigerian Stock Market. Unpublished.
Pfau, Wade Donald (2011): Long-term investors and valuation-based asset allocation. Unpublished.
Mukherjee, Dr. Kedar nath (2011): Impact of Futures Trading on Indian Agricultural Commodity Market. Unpublished.
Efthymiou, Vassilis A. and Leledakis, George N. (2011): The price impact of the disposition effect on the ex-dividend day of NYSE and AMEX common stocks. Unpublished.
Iqbal, Javed and Farooqi, Faraz Ahmed (2011): Stock price reaction to earnings announcement: the case of an emerging market. Unpublished.
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Estrada, Fernando (2011): Financial crises, asymmetric information and argumentation. Unpublished.
Constantinescu , Radu (2011): Mainstream si keynesism: -două doctrine, două metode,aceleaşi idei-. Unpublished.
Constantinescu , Radu (2011): Mainstream si keynesism: -două doctrine, două metode,aceleaşi idei-. Unpublished.
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Korkeamäki, Timo and Takalo, Tuomas (2010): Valuation of innovation: The case of iPhone. Unpublished.
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Bojańczyk, Mirosław (2010): Communication of companies with their surroundings - the manipulation of information and information asymmetry. Unpublished.
Chong, Zhiwei (2010): Rational expectations equilibrium with transaction costs in financial markets. Unpublished.
Guzman, Giselle C. (2010): The case for higher frequency inflation expectations. Unpublished.
Rambaccussing, Dooruj (2010): A real-time trading rule. Unpublished.
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Courtney, Samuel (2010): 2008 SEC short selling ban: impacts on the credit default swap market. Unpublished.
Courtney, Samuel (2010): 2008 SEC short selling ban: impacts on the credit default swap market. Unpublished.
Bauer, R.M.M.J.; Cremers, K.J.M. and Frehen, R.G.P. (2010): Pension Fund Performance and Costs: Small is Beautiful. Unpublished.
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N. Narajabad, Borghan (2010): Information Technology and the Rise of Household Bankruptcy. Unpublished.
Zagaglia, Paolo (2010): Informed trading in the Euro money market for term lending. Unpublished.
Gande, Amar and Parsley, David (2010): Sovereign Credit Ratings, Transparency and International Portfolio Flows. Unpublished.
Di Maggio, Marco (2010): The Political Economy of the Yield Curve. Unpublished.
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Sasidharan, Anand (2009): Stock Market's Reaction to Monetary Policy Announcements in India. Unpublished.
Sasidharan, Anand (2009): Structural Changes in India's Stock Markets' Efficiency. Unpublished.
Sasidharan, Anand (2009): Structural Changes in India's Stock Markets' Efficiency. Unpublished.
Anwar, Yunita and Mulyadi, Martin Surya (2009): The day of the week effects in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia stock market. Forthcoming in:
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