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Monday, 6 May 2013

Virtual teams: A literature review

Virtual teams: A literature review

Alternative title:  Virtual Teams: A Literature Review

In the competitive market, virtual teams represent a growing response to the need for fasting time-to-market, low-cost and rapid solutions to complex organizational problems. Virtual teams enable organizations to pool the talents and expertise of employee ... [more]
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Institution:  Volkswirtschaftliche Fakultät, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität
Series:  MPRA PaperMPRA Paper
Subject:  Virtual team; Literature review; Effective virtual team
Classification:  jel-L11; jel-O32; jel-M12; jel-L1; jel-L7; jel-O1; jel-M11; jel-M54; jel-P42; jel-O3
Type of publication:  Buch / Working Paper
Note:  Published in Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 3.3(2009): pp. 2653-2669
Title record from database:  RePEc - Research Papers in Economics

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Virtual teams: A literature review

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