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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Virtual Teaming

Virtual Teaming

As a 21st century freelance editor I have extensive experience with effective virtual teaming, otherwise known as working remotely, connecting and communicating with clients through information communication technology such as email, telephone and video conferencing (Skype).

While many individual clients are quite comfortable with virtual team work with their editor, many academic organisations, businesses, and institutions are now learning of the benefits of virtual teaming and are increasingly turning to virtual team work as a cost effective way to hire the best people - specialists who can get an assignment done quickly and well. In today's increasingly globalised world, with it's increasingly casualized workforce, virtual team work is an essential business practice for any organization that has, or wishes to have, a truly global vision and reach.

In the past I have worked virtually as a copy-editor and transcriber with the Max Planck Institute as well as a proofreader with Napier University. And I currently work as manager of virtual teams with the Visual Anthropology Review (Book Reviews Editor) and Versita (Managing/Aquisitions Editor). As a manager of virtual teams I use Internet communication and the quick and accurate sharing of documents through email, Dropbox and other cloud-based systems, and team-collaboration tools such as Microsoft SharePoint to communicate with other team members and share work. By organising the work of various virtual teams across the globe I am able to use differences in time-zone and regional specialisation to best advantage.My experience with virtual teaming also means that I am familiar with employment laws and the organization of contracts in a variety of countries across Europe and North America.

These are skills that, as your freelance editor, I will bring to every project that I complete for you. You can be assured that our communications will be clear, concise, and effective; that work w
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