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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Virtual teams for new product development - an innovative experience for R&D engineers


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Virtual teams for new product development - an innovative experience for R&D engineers

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Ale Ebrahim, Nader; Ahmed, Shamsuddin; Taha, Zahari

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Abstract New interaction tools such as internet allow companies to gain valuable input from research and development (R&D) engineers via virtual teams. Consequently, engineers also get more expertise in diminutive timeframes. Virtual R&D teams present the key impetus to the technology acquisition process. The present knowledge-economy era is characterized by short product life-cycles. Virtual R&D teams may reduce time-to-market, make available a large pool of new product know-how and provide greater flexibilities, which are the key success factors in a competitive market. This comprehensive review contains almost 100 references and covers the recent literature with emphasis on the topic. The review has focused on authentic and reputed publications and extracts the results. This article presents the type of virtual teams and their main features and explains how virtual R&D team can play a prominent role in developing new products. The article is evolved future study guideline and also illustrates how to apply virtual interaction tools and integrate engineers into the innovation process. Management of virtual R&D teams in new product development (NPD) processes in an innovative, effective and efficient is of a high importance, but the issue has been poorly addressed in the previous studies. Findings show that virtual R&D team provides valuable input for new product development and R&D engineers are able to attain virtual experience.
Keywords enterprise; product; development; virtual business; virtual community; research and development; communication technology; engineer; team
Classification Interactive, electronic Media; Management Science; Technology Assessment
Free Keywords virtual R&D teams; new product development; virtual experience; R&D engineers
Document language English
Publication Year 2009
Page/Pages p. 109-123
Journal European Journal of Educational Studies, 1 (2009) 3
Status Published Version; reviewed
Licence Free Digital Peer Publishing Licence
Document Type journal article

Virtual teams for new product development - an innovative experience for R&D engineers

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