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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Economic growth and internet usage impact on publication productivity

Volume 8, Issue 5, 2014, Pages 169-178

Economic growth and internet usage impact on publication productivity among ASEAN's and world's best universities  (Article)

Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of MalayaKuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Najafabad Branch, Islamic Azad UniversityNajafabad, Isfahan, Iran

Faculty of Education, Universiti Kebangsaan MalaysiaBangi, Malaysia

Faculty of Agriculture, Roudehen Branch, Islamic Azad UniversityRoudehen, Iran

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Advance Informatics School (AIS)Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Department of Financial Sciences, University of Economic SciencesTehran, Iran

Centre of Research Services, Institute of Research Management and Monitoring (IPPP), University of Malaya, Malaysia


Measuring the number of papers which
are published each year, publication productivity is the factor which
shows the reputation of universities and countries. However, the effect
of growing economy and using internet on the publication productivity in
Asian countries has not been discovered yet. The present research is
going to figure out the publication productivity among the elite
universities in Asian countries and also ten top universities around the
world in the last twenty years (from 1993 to 2012). Furthermore, the
current research is aimed to study the relationship among publication,
gross domestic product (GDP) and internet usage. It is worth to mention
that the publication of the top Ten Malaysian Universities was regarded
for the similar period of time. To get the exact numbers of documents
like papers, conference articles, review papers and letters which are
published by the universities in the last twenty years, the writer of
the same paper used the Science Direct database. Moreover, the data for
GDP and the number of internet usage was collected through the World
Bank database (World Data Bank).To compare all kinds of
publications,one-way ANOVAwas used and to investigate the impact of
economic growth and internet usageon publication productivity, multiple
regression analysis was applied.The results showed that therate of
publication growth was 1.9, 20.9, and 65.5 % in top universities in the
world, ASEAN countries and Malaysia, respectively.The results also
showed thatthere was a positive and significant correlationbetween GDP
and the number of internet users with the number of publications in
ASEAN and Malaysian universities. Internet usagehad much more influence
in comparison withthe GDP in predicting the number of publicationsamong
these groups except for top ten Malaysian universities from 2003 to
2012. In summary, publication trends in top ten Malaysian and ASEAN
universities are promising. However, policy makers and science
managersshouldspend much more percentage of their GDP on Internet
facilities and research studies that their outputs lead to more rapid
economic growthand internet usage.

Author keywords

ASEAN; Documents; GDP; Internet usage; Malaysian universities; Publication productivity; Publication trend

ISSN: 19131844
Source Type: Journal
Original language: English

DOI: 10.5539/mas.v8n5p169
Document Type: Article
Publisher: Canadian Center of Science and Education

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