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Friday, 18 September 2015

Altmetric Ambassador of the Month – September


Altmetric Ambassador of the Month – September

 At the end of July this year, Stacy Konkiel, Cat Williams and I launched the Altmetric Ambassadors
program. The aim of the program is to engage members of staff with an
interest in altmetrics across all types of organisation, and give them
the tools and the knowledge to spread the word on altmetrics to their
colleagues. Roughly 200 people have signed up be Ambassadors so far, and
we’re very excited to be working with them all! Each month, we’ll be
releasing an “Ambassador of the month” blog post, in which we’ll
introduce one of the ambassadors and talk about the ways they’ve been
promoting altmetrics and Altmetric at their organisation.

Our Ambassador of the Month for September is Nader Ale Ibrahim, a visiting research fellow with the Centre for Research Services
at the University of Malaya. Nader’s key research interests include
bibliometrics and the ways in which researchers can use online research
tools to promote their work and increase their citation counts. He has
run over 100 workshops for researchers in Malaysia, and is considered an
authority on research promotion practices and metrics tools.
Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.18.59
Nader’s official website
Since becoming an Altmetric Ambassador, Nader has been
actively promoting altmetrics at his institution, and has run three
workshops for researchers. The first of these took place at the College
of Business at Universiti Utara Malaysia, with the title “Strategies to
Increase Citation Counts”. The second took place at the University of
Malaya Kuala Lumpur campus. This workshop focused on ways for
researchers to create and maintain effective academic profiles, and
included a series of talks on strategies for improving research
visibility, reporting on research impact, and driving citations. Nader
gave his most recent presentation just last week, at Universiti Utara
Malaysia. In the images below, you can see him introducing the Altmetric top 100 data for 2014, as a way of demonstrating how altmetrics can illustrate public engagement with research.
These presentations have allowed Nader to engage with the
researcher community in Malaysia, and increase awareness of altmetrics
and Altmetric data. The talks have also given the attendees the
opportunity to meet and learn like-minded researchers, and share their
thoughts and experiences with regard to the fast-moving world of online
research dissemination.
Nader and colleagues at his most recent workshop

In the last few years, research assessment bodies and major funders
have increased their requirements for HEIs and researchers to report on
the “broader impacts”
of their work, meaning academics and research officers are under
increasing pressure to acclimatise to these new requirements and make
use of the tools available to see who is mentioning research, and what
they’ve been saying.

Nader Discussing Altmetric data at his most recent workshop
Nader Discussing Altmetric data at his most recent workshop
This is why we’re really pleased that the Altmetric Ambassadors
program has attracted researchers like Nader who have a genuine interest
in helping other academics make use of the tools available, enabling
them to view the impact their research has had. We feel he epitomises
the value of having on-campus advocates for altmetrics. It’s also great
that he is able to contextualise Altmetric, and present Altmetric data
as being part of a whole suite of research management tools that can
help researchers view, monitor and drive the impact of their

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, and hopefully learning a
little more about the Ambassadors scheme in the process! Next month, our
research metrics consultant Stacy Konkiel will be writing up a post on
one of our librarian ambassadors, so stay tuned! If you’d like to apply
for the Ambassador, please visit this page to find out more!

You can also follow #altambs to Twitter for updates on all things Ambassador-related, and find more information about Altmetric services for researchers here. Thanks for reading!

Altmetric Ambassador of the Month – September

Altmetric Ambassador of the Month – September

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