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Tuesday, 23 June 2020

ORCID and Researcher Profiles


Publons is an online research profile website for researchers to track, verify and showcase their peer review and editorial contributions as well as their publications and citation metrics.

Publons is now part of the Web of Science group which provides products such as Web of Science, Journal Citation Report, InCites, EndNote, etc.    

For peer reviewers, Publons provides a way to get credit for contributions (without breaking reviewer anonymity) in a format they can include in promotion and funding applications.


Register with Publons is free to researchers.

If you have already registered with Web of Science or EndNote Online, you can sign in to Publons using the same login email and password.

A Web of Science ResearcherID will be assigned to your Publons profile automatically. 

If you discover that you have duplicate Publons profiles, you can request they be merged and or deleted.



Find AUT reviewers on the Publons website.

ResearcherID in your Publons account

ResearcherID is a free author identifier used by Web of Science. It assigns a unique identifier to each registered researcher. This system enables researchers to manage their publication lists, track citations and h-index, identify potential collaborators and avoid author misidentification.

ResearcherID is now included in Publons profiles.


If you have publications indexed by Web of Science and you have a Publons account, Publons will assign a ResearcherID to your profile.

If you have a ResearcherID already, but haven't registered with Publons, you can login to the Publons website using the same email and password you used for ResearcherID. Your ResearcherID will appear on your Publons profile.

Manage your Publons profile

Profile summary page

Complete all fields, such as your research field, institution, affiliation, and update it when it is needed.

Add publications

  • Link your Publons account with your ORCID account. This will automatically export your review activities to your ORCID profile
  • If you have an ResearcherID, your publications indexed by Web of Science will also be imported to your Publons profile
  • You can add your publications to you Publons profile by DOI searching, import from a file (RIS, CSV, etc.).
  • You can also manually enter your publications. 

Find more details from the Publons website.

Citation counts

Citation matrices, such as citation counts and h-index, will be made available in your profile for the publications indexed by Web of Science.

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