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Saturday, 29 October 2011

UMIES2011 Conference Papers - Windows Live

United Kingdom - Malaysia - Ireland Engineering Science Conference 2011 (UMIES 2011) is open to Malaysian postgraduate engineering students worldwide as well as foreign postgraduate students who are currently studying in Malaysia. UMIES 2011,which runs on 12th & 13th of July in University Malaya, aims to provide an excellent platform to Malaysian students to share and exchange research findings and ideas. The objectives of the conference are as follows:

  • To increase the involvement of Malaysian students in an internationally recognized conference.
  • To promote the value of knowledge sharing and networking among Malaysians as well as their international counterparts.
  • To strengthen the bond among the academic institutions of three countries in sharing new ideas and strengthen future research activities.

The conference will be divided into 7 themes in engineering sciences and related fields:

  1. Chemical, Bio process & Food Engineering.
  2. Civil & Environmental Engineering.
  3. Mechanical, Aeronautical & Material engineering.
  4. Manufacturing, Industrial & Design engineering.
  5. Biomedical & Biomechanics Engineering.
  6. Electronic & Electrical Engineering.
  7. Computer Science & Information Technology.

UMIES2011 Conference Papers - Windows Live

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