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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Challenges to staffing global virtual teams | Mendeley

Human Resource Management Review (2004)


One of the most critical organizational capabilities is learning to adapt to the new hypercompetitive global landscape. The capabilities needed in this evolving competitive context are increasingly employee centric, particularly when related to those employees who are performing knowledge-based teamwork in structures like global virtual teams (GVTs). This paper is an attempt at examining the organizational role of GVTs and the associated challenges for human resource management (HRM). A combination of agency-dynamic capabilities theoretical perspective is used to explore the staffing issues associated with GVTs in an effort to capture members' tacit knowledge that is increasingly viewed as an organization's key value-generating resource. Particular implications for the human resource managers in matching global virtual team member diversity to the specific tasks contexts are outlined in the paper. Finally, challenges to HRM in managing global virtual teamwork/`taskwork' are explored.

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Challenges to staffing global virtual teams | Mendeley

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