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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

SSOAR: Innovation and R&D activities in virtual team

nnovation and R&D activities in virtual team

Ale Ebrahim, Nade; Ahmed, Shamsuddin; Taha, Zahari

Quelle: European Journal of Scientific Research, 34(3): 2009, 297-307 [Zeitschriftenartikel]
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ISSN 1450-216X
Zusammenfassung / Abstract en:
Innovation plays a central role in economic development, at the regional and national level. In the competitive environment companies are obliged to produce more rapidly, more effectively and more efficiently in new product development, which is a result of research and development (R&D) activities. It is necessary for them to put together different capabilities and services with the goal, through cooperation between suppliers and customers, service providers and scientific institutions to achieve innovations of high quality. Depending on the type of industry, the type of business, the type of innovation and the strategic objectives that have been set, firms will regularly have to modify the way in which their R&D and innovation are organized. Nowadays, shift from serial to simultaneous and parallel working in innovation has become more commonplace. Literatures have shown that collaboration is as a meta-capability for innovation. By a comprehensive reviewing of literature this article after define virtual teams and its characteristics, addressing virtual environment innovation and the relationship to R&D activities. Finally conclude that innovation cannot be successful, unless the knowledge and information in the R&D project are effectively captured, shared and internalized by the R&D project’s virtual team members.
Klassifikationinteraktive, elektronische Medien (1080404) ; Management (1090401) ; Technikfolgenabschätzung (20800)
DDCPublizistische Medien, Journalismus,Verlagswesen (070) ; Sozialwissenschaften, Soziologie (300) ; Wirtschaft (330)
Schlagwörter aus dem Thesaurus Sozialwissenschaften Innovation; Forschung und Entwicklung; Unternehmen; Produkt; Entwicklung; Effizienz; virtuelles Unternehmen; Kooperation; Team; Informationstechnologie
Schlagwörter / Keywords virtual team; literature review; innovation; research and development
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LizenzrechteDigital Peer Publishing License - Freie DIPP-Lizenz

SSOAR: Innovation and R&D activities in virtual team

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