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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Issue 69 September 2012 - World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology

1 A Study on the Average Information Ratio of Perfect Secret-Sharing Schemes for Access Structures Based on Bipartite Graphs
Hui-Chuan Lu
2 Second Order Admissibilities in Multi-parameter Logistic Regression Model
Chie Obayashi, Hidekazu Tanaka, Yoshiji Takagi
3 Note on the necessity of the patch test
Rado Flajs, Miran Saje
4 Optimal Distribution of Lift Gas in Gas Lifted Oil Field Using MPC and Unscented Kalman Filter
Roshan Sharma, Bjørn Glemmestad
5 Trends in Competitiveness of the Thai Printing Industry
Amon Lasomboon
6 A Micro-Watt Second Order Filter for a Chopper Stabilized MEMS Pressure Sensor Interface
Arup K. George, Wai Pan Chan, Zhi Hui Kong, Minkyu Je
7 Diversification of the Monogeneans (Platyhelminthes) in Indian Freshwater Fish Families
A. Chaudhary, H.S. Singh
8 A Ring-Shaped Tri-Axial Force Sensor for Minimally Invasive Surgery
Beibei Han,Yong-Jin Yoon, Muhammad Hamidullah, Angel Tsu-Hui Lin, Woo-Tae Park
9 Ecological Risk Assessment of Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the North Port, Malaysia
Belin Tavakoly Sany, Aishah Salleh, Abdul Halim Sulaiman, Ghazaleh Monazami Tehrani
10 Intercultural Mediation Training and the Training Process of Common Sense Leaders by the Leadership of Universities Communication and Artistic Campaigns
Bilgehan Gültekin, Tuba Gültekin
11 The Effect of Rotational Speed and Shaft Eccentric on Looseness of Bearing
Chalermsak Leetrakool, Komson Jirapattarasilp
12 Benchmarking: Performance on ALPS and Formosa Clusters
Chih-Wei Hsieh, Chau-Yi Chou, Sheng-HsiuKuo, Tsung-Che Tsai, I-Chen Wu
13 Effects of Different Plant Densities on the Yield and Quality of Second Crop Sesame
Ö. Öztürk, O. Şaman
14 Agrowaste: Phytosterol from Durian Seed
D. Mohd Nazrul Hisham, J. Mohd Lip, R. Suri, H. Mohamed Shafit, Z.Kharis, K. Shazlin, A. Normah, M.F. Nurul Nabilah
15 Server Virtualization using user Behavior Model Focus on Provisioning Concept
D. Prangchumpol
16 Further Thoughtson a Sequential Life Testing Approach using an Inverse Weibull Model
D. I. De Souza,G. P. Azevedo, D. R. Fonseca
17 The Effect of Ethylene Glycol to Soy Polyurethane Foam Classifications
Flora Elvistia Firdaus
18 Ultra Fast Solid State Ground Fault Isolator
I Made Darmayuda, Zhou Jun, Krishna Mainali, Simon Ng Sheung Yan, Saisundar S, Eran Ofek
19 An Enhanced Situational Awareness of AUV's Mission by Multirate Neural Control
Igor Astrov, Mikhail Pikkov
20 Activities of Alkaline Phosphatase and Ca2+ATPase over the Molting Cycle of mud Crab (Scylla serrata)
J. Salaenoi, A. Thongpan, M. Mingmuang
21 The Finite Difference Scheme for the Suspended String Equation with the Nonlinear Damping Term
Jaipong Kasemsuwan
22 Face Image Coding using Face Prototyping
Jaroslav Polec, Lenka Krulikovská, Natália Helešová, Tomáš Hirner
23 3G WCDMA Mobile Network DoS Attack and Detection Technology
JooHyung Oh, Dongwan Kang, Sekwon Kim, ChaeTae Im
24 Tomographic Images Reconstruction Simulation for Defects Detection in Specimen
Kedit J.
25 Influence of Cultivar and Storage Conditions in Anthocyanin Content and Radical-Scavenging Activity of Strawberry Jams
L. F. Amaro, M. T. Soares, C. Pinho, I. F. Almeida, I. M. P. L. V. O. Ferreira, O. Pinho
26 Shot Detection using Modified Dugad Model
Lenka Krulikovská, Jaroslav Polec
27 On the Operation Mechanism and Device Modeling of AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs)
Li Yuan, Weizhu Wang, Kean Boon Lee, Haifeng Sun, Susai Lawrence Selvaraj, Shane Todd, Guo-Qiang Lo
28 The Energy Impacts of using Top-Light Daylighting Systems for Academic Buildings in Tropical Climate
M. S. Alrubaih, M. F. M. Zain, N. L. N. Ibrahim, M.A. Alghoul, K. I. Ben Sauod
29 Customer Satisfaction Index Telecommunication Industry in Indonesia
M. Dachyar, Monasisca Noviannei
30 Board Members’ Financial Education and Firms’ Performance: Empirical Evidence for Bucharest Stock Exchange Companies
Mădălina Maria Gîrbină, Cătălin Nicolae Albu, Nadia Albu
31 Graphic Watermarking, Security Feature in Cadastral Content Management
Manole Velicanu, Emanuil Rednic
32 Quality of Natural Fibre-Coir
Mayur R. Mogre
33 Comparison of Seed Priming Efficiency on Germination of High Linoleic and High Oleic Acid Contents in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) Seeds
Mehmet Demir Kaya, Gamze Kaya, Suay Bayramin
34 Nonconforming Control Charts for Zero-Inflated Poisson distribution
N. Katemee, T. Mayureesawan
35 Quantifying and Adjusting the Effects of Publication Bias in Continuous Meta-Analysis
N.R.N. Idris
36 Numerical Simulation of Electric and Hydrodynamic Fields Distribution in a Dielectric Liquids Electrofilter Cell
Narcis C. Ostahie, Tudor Sajin
37 The Lymphocytes Number in the Blood of Kwashiorkor Rat Model Induced by Oral Immunization with 38-kDa Mycobacterium tuberculosis Protein
Novi Khila Firani, Elisa Nesdyaningtyas
38 Effect of Band Contact on the Temperature Distribution for Dry Friction Clutch
Oday I. Abdullah, J. Schlattmann
39 Adsorption Capacity of Chitosan Beads in Toxic Solutions
P. Setthamongkol, J. Salaenoi
40 Analyzing the Relation of Community Group for Research Paper Bookmarking by using Association Rule
P. Jomsri
41 System Identification and Control the Azimuth Angle of the Platform of MLRS by PID Controller
Parkpoom Ch., Narongkorn D.
42 Low Power Digital System for Reconfigurable Neural Recording System
Peng Li, Jun Zhou, Xin Liu, Chee Keong Ho, Xiaodan Zou, Minkyu Je
43 Application of Kansei Engineering and Association Rules Mining in Product Design
Pitaktiratham J., Sinlan T., Anuntavoranich P., Sinthupinyo S.
44 Programmable Logic Controller for Cassava Centrifugal Machine
R. Oonsivilai, M. Oonsivilai, J. Sanguemrum, N. Thumsirirat, A. Oonsivilai
45 Diffusion and Impact of Business Analytics: A Conceptual Framework
Ramakrishnan Ramanathan, Yanqing Duan, Guangming Cao, Elaine Philpott
46 Comparative Evaluation of the Biopharmaceutical and Chemical Equivalence of the Some Commercial Brands of Paracetamol Tablets
Raniah Al-Shalabi, Omaima Al- Gohary, Samar Afify, Eram Eltahir
47 Towards a New Era of Sustainability in the Automotive Industry: Strategic Human Resource Management and Green Technology Innovation
Reihaneh Montazeri Shatouri, Rosmini Omar, Kunio Igusa
48 A Novel Method for Areal Surface Roughness Measurement
Romuald Synak, Wlodzimierz Lipinski, Marcin Pawelczak
49 Application of Artificial Neural Network to Classification Surface Water Quality
S. Wechmongkhonkon, N.Poomtong, S. Areerachakul
50 Straight Line Defect Detection with Feed Forward Neural Network
S. Liangwongsan, A. Oonsivilai
51 The Comparation of Activation Nuclear Factor Kappa Beta (NFKB) at Rattus Novergicus Strain Wistar Induced by Various Duration High Fat Diet (HFD)
Titin Andri Wihastuti, Djanggan Sargowo
52 The Robot Hand System that can Control Grasping Power by SEMG
Tsubasa Seto, Kentaro Nagata, Kazushige Magatani
53 Dynamic Analysis of the Dome with Arches and Rings from Romexpo Bucharest
V. Precupas, A. Ivan, M. Ivan
54 The Community Plan to Manage Sustainable Development using the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy
Witthaya Mekhum, Palang Wongtanasuporn
55 Integration of Resistive Switching Memory Cell with Vertical Nanowire Transistor
Xiang Li, Zhixian Chen, Zheng Fang, Aashit Kamath, Xinpeng Wang, Navab Singh, Guo-Qiang Lo and Dim-Lee Kwong
56 Maximizer of the Posterior Marginal Estimate of Phase Unwrapping based on Statistical Mechanics of the Q-Ising Model
Yohei Saika, Tatsuya Uezu
57 Patterns of Sports Supplement Use among Iranian Female Athletes
A.Golshanraz, L.Hakemi, L.Pourkazemi, E.Dadgostar, F.Moradzandi, R.Tabatabaee, F.Moradi, Hosseinihajiagha, N.Jazayeri, H.Abedifar, R.Fouladi, M.Khooban, H.Saboori, M.Kiani, M.Sajedi, E.Karooninejad, S.Moeen, M.Ghavam, F.Beiranvand, S.Mansoori, F.Gheisari, H.Barzegari
58 Self-evolving Neural Networks Based on PSO and JPSO Algorithms
Abdussamad Ismail, Dong-Sheng Jeng
59 An Experimental Study of the Effect of Channels Angle on Bubble Formation in Microchannel Flow Focusing Geometry
AliNaghi Salari, Mohamadreza Azad, Faeze Shalchi, Mohammad Behshad Shafii, Abdolreza Hooshmand
60 Some Physical and Mechanical Properties of Russian Olive Fruit
D. Zare, F. Salmanizade, H. Safiyari
61 Some Physical and Mechanical Properties of Jujube Fruit
D. Zare, H. Safiyari, F. Salmanizade
62 Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Rough Rice Drying in Infrared-assisted Hot Air Dryer using Artificial Neural Network
D. Zare, H. Naderi, A. A. Jafari
63 Stress Relaxation of Date at Different Temperature and Moisture Content of Product: A New Approach
D. Zare, M. Alirezaei, S.M. Nassiri
64 Leaf Chlorophyll of Corn, Sweet basil and Borage under Intercropping System inWeed Interference
F. Zaefarian, M. Bagheri, B. Bicharanlou, G.A. Asadi, V. Akbarpour
65 Investigation of Phytoextraction Coefficient Different Combination of Heavy Metals in Barley and Alfalfa
F. Zaefarian, M. Rezvani, F. Rejali, M.R. Ardakani
66 Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contamination in Sediment and Wastewater from the Imam Khomeini and Razi Petrochemical Companies- Iran
Ghazaleh Monazami Tehrani, A.Halim Sulaiman, Rosli Hashim, Ahmad Savari, Belin Tavakoly Sany Mohamad Taqi Jafarzadeh, Reza Khani Jazani, Zhamak Monazami Tehrani
67 Free Convective Heat Transfer in an Enclosure Filled with Porous Media with and without Insulated Moving Wall
Laith Jaafer Habeeb
68 Numerical Simulation of Convective Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow through Porous Media with Different Moving and Heated Walls
Laith Jaafer Habeeb
69 Simulation of non-Linear Behavior of Shear Wall under Seismic Loading
M. A. Ghorbani, M. Pasbani Khiavi
70 Development of Greenhouse Analysis Tools for Home Agriculture Project
M. Amir Abas, M. Dahlui
71 Evaluation of Antioxidant Properties of Barberry Fruits Extracts using Maceration and Subcritical Water Extraction (SWE)
M. Mohamadi, A. M. Maskooki, S. A. Mortazavi
72 Vortex Formation in Lid-driven Cavity with Disturbance Block
Maysam Saidi, Hassan Basirat Tabrizi, Reza Maddahian
73 A parametric Study on Deoiling Hydrocyclones Flow Field
Maysam Saidi, Reza Maddahian, Bijan Farhanieh
74 Antimicrobial Effect of Essential oil of Plant Trigonella focnum greacum on some Bacteria Pathogens
Mehani M., Segni L.
75 Numerical Modeling and Computer Simulation of Ground Movement Above Underground Mine
A. Nuric, S. Nuric, L. Kricak, I. Lapandic, R. Husagic
76 The Effect of Stress Biaxiality on Crack Shape Development
Osama A. Terfas
77 Modeling the Effect of Inlet Manifold Pipes Bending Angle on SI Engine Performance
Osama H. Ghazal, Isam H. Qasem , M.Riyad H. Abdelkader
78 Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm for Voltage Stability in Large Power Systems
Mohamad R. Khaldi, Christine S. Khoury, Guy M. Naim
79 Classification of the Latin alphabet as Pattern on ARToolkit Markers for Augmented Reality Applications
Mohamed Badeche, Mohamed Benmohammed
80 Mobile Learning Adoption in Saudi Arabia
Mohamed E. Seliaman, M. S. Al-Turki
81 Implemented 5-bit 125-MS/s Successive Approximation Register ADC on FPGA
S. Heydarzadeh, A. Kadivarian, P. Torkzadeh
82 Simulation of Natural Convection in Concentric Annuli between an Outer Inclined Square Enclosure and an Inner Horizontal Cylinder
Sattar Al-Jabair, Laith J. Habeeb
83 Numerical Study of Oxygen Enrichment on NO Pollution Spread in a Combustion Chamber
Zohreh Orshesh
84 Some Geodesics in Open Surfaces Classified by Clairaut’s Relation
Wongvisarut Khuangsatung and Pakkinee Chitsakul
85 Carbon Isotope Discrimination, A Tool for Screening of Salinity Tolerance of Genotypes
Alireza Dadkhah, Mahmoud Ghorbanzadeh- Neghab
86 Numerical Analysis of Flow past Circular Cylinder with Triangular and Rectangular Wake Splitter
Pavan Badami, Vivek Shrivastava, Saravanan V., Nandeesh Hiremath, K. N. Seetharamu
87 Designing a Rescue System for Earthquake- Stricken Area with the Aim of Facilitation and Accelerating Accessibilities (Case Study: City of Tehran)
Naeleh Motamedi ,Masoud Mahmoudkhan Shirazi, Nima Nouraei
88 Analysis of Tool-Chip Interface Temperature with FEM and Empirical Verification
M. Bagheri, P. Mottaghizadeh
89 Reducing Sugar Production from Durian Peel by Hydrochloric Acid Hydrolysis
Matura Unhasirikul, Nuanphan Naranong, Woatthichai Narkrugsa
90 An Anatomically-Based Model of the Nerves in the Human Foot
Muhammad Zeeshan UlHaque, Peng Du, Leo K. Cheng, Marc D. Jacobs
91 An Inductive Coupling Based CMOS Wireless Powering Link for Implantable Biomedical Applications
Lei Yao, Jia Hao Cheong, Rui-Feng Xue, Minkyu Je
92 Effect of the Machine Frame Structures on the Frequency Responses of Spindle Tool
Yuan L. Lai, Yong R. Chen, Jui P. Hung, Tzuo L. Luo, Hsi H. Hsiao
93 Temperature Sensor IC Design for Intracranial Monitoring Device
Wai Pan Chan, Minkyu Je
94 Explanatory of Relationship between Learning Motivation and Learning Performance
Chih Chin Yang
95 Effect Comparison of Speckle Noise Reduction Filters on 2D-Echocardigraphic Images
Faten A. Dawood, Rahmita W. Rahmat, Suhaini B. Kadiman, Lili N. Abdullah, Mohd D. Zamrin
96 Equilibrium, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies on Biosorption of Cd (II) and Pb (II) from Aqueous Solution Using a Spore Forming Bacillus Isolated from Wastewater of a Leather Factory
Sh. Kianfar, A. Moheb, H. Ghaforian
97 CMOS-Compatible Silicon Nanoplasmonics for On-Chip Integration
Shiyang Zhu, Guo-Qiang Lo, Dim-Lee Kwong
98 Silicon-Waveguide based Silicide Schottky- Barrier Infrared Detector for on-Chip Applications
Shiyang Zhu, Guo-Qiang Lo, Dim-Lee Kwong
99 Double layer polarization and non-linear electroosmosis in and around a charged permeable aggregate
Partha P. Gopmandal, S. Bhattacharyya
100 Microneedles-Mediated Transdermal Delivery
M. Petchsangsai, N. Wonglertnirant, T. Rojanarata, P. Opanasopit, T. Ngawhirunpat
101 Effect of Cultivars and Weeding Regimes on Soybean Yields
M. Rezvani, M. Ahangari, F. Zaefarian
102 Investigation of Growth Parameters of Soybean Cultivars in Different Weeding Regimes
M. Rezvani, M. Ahangari, F. Zaefarian
103 A DEA Model for Performance Evaluation in The Presence of Time Lag Effect
Yanshuang Zhang, Byungho Jeong
104 Passive Cooling of Building by using Solar Chimney
Insaf Mehani, N. Settou
105 A Numerical Study on Heat Transfer in Laminar Pulsed Slot Jets Impinging on a Surface
D. Kim
106 Production Throughput Modeling under Five Uncertain Variables using Bayesian Inference
Amir Azizi, Amir Yazid B. Ali, Loh Wei Ping
107 Functional Lipids and Bioactive Compounds from Oil Rich Indigenous Seeds
Azza. S. Naik, S. S. Lele
108 Investigating the Determinants of Purchase Intention in C2C E-Commerce
Kee-Young Kwahk, Xi Ge, Jun-Hyung Park
109 Structured Phospholipids from Commercial Soybean Lecithin Containing Omega-3 Fatty Acids Reduces Atherosclerosis Risk in Male Sprague dawley Rats which Fed with an Atherogenic Diet
Jaya Mahar Maligan, Teti Estiasih, Joni Kusnadi
110 Resistor-less Current-mode Universal Biquad Filter Using CCTAs and Grounded Capacitors
T. Thosdeekoraphat, S. Summart, C. Saetiaw, S. Santalunai, C. Thongsopa
111 Silicon-based Low-Power Reconfigurable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer (ROADM)
Junfeng Song, Xianshu Luo, Qing Fang, Lianxi Jia, Xiaoguang Tu,Tsung-Yang Liow, Mingbin Yu, Guo-Qiang Lo
112 Toxicity Test of Ag+, Nano-Ag0 and Nano-Ag20 using Green Algae (Chlorella sp.) and Water Flea (Moina macrocopa)
M. Yoo-iam, R. Chaichana, T. Satapanaiaru
113 Investigating Quality Metrics for Multimedia Traffic in OLSR Routing Protocol
B. Prabhakara Rao, M. V. H. Bhaskara Murthy
114 Two new Algorithms for Malaysian License Plate Localization based on Accuracy Evaluation
Babak V. Ghaffari, Marzuki Bin Khalid, M. Kouhnavard
115 Impact of Personality and Loneliness on Life: Role of Online Flow Experiences
Asmita Shukla, Soma Parija
116 The Antioxidant Capacity of Beverage Blends Made from Cocoa, Zobo and Ginger
Folasade F. Awe, Tayo N. Fagbemi, Comfort F. Ajibola, Adebanjo A. Badejo
117 Endeavoring Innovation via Research and Development Management: A Case of Iranian Industrial Sector
Reihaneh Montazeri Shatouri, Rosmini Omar, Wan Khairuzzaman Wan Ismail
118 Influence of Number Parallels Paths of a Winding on Overvoltage in the Asynchronous Motors Fed by PWM- converters
Belassel Mohand-Tahar
119 Low resistivity Hf/Al/Ni/Au Ohmic Contact Scheme to n-Type GaN
Y. Liu, M. K. Bera, L. M. Kyaw, G. Q. Lo, E. F. Chor
120 Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarboncontaminated Soil Slurry by FentonOxidation
C. Pongcharoen, K. Kaiyavongand T. Satapanajaru
121 Just-In-Time for Reducing Inventory Costs throughout a Supply Chain: A Case Study
Faraj Farhat El Dabee, Rajab Abdullah Hokoma
122 Implementation of on-line Cutting Stock Problem on NC Machines
Jui P. Hung, Hsia C. Chang, Yuan L. Lai
123 Transformerless AC-DC Converter
Saisundar. S., I Made Darmayuda, Zhou Jun, Krishna Mainali, Simon Ng Sheung Yan, Eran Ofek
124 Pervasiveness of Aflatoxin in Peanuts Growing in the Area of Pothohar, Pakistan
Mateen Abbas, Abdul Muqeet Khan, Muhammad Rafique Asi, Javed Akhtar
125 Ablation, Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Fiber/Phenolic Matrix Composites
N. Winya, S. Chankapoe, C. Kiriratnikom
126 Mathematical Modeling of the Influence of Hydrothermal Processes in the Water Reservoir
Alibek Issakhov
127 2D Spherical Spaces for Face Relighting under Harsh Illumination
Amr Almaddah, Sadi Vural, Yasushi Mae, Kenichi Ohara, Tatsuo Arai
128 A Positioning Matrix to Assess and to Develop CSR Strategies
Armando Calabrese, Roberta Costa, Tamara Menichini, Francesco Rosati
129 Electrical and Magnetic Modelling of a Power Transformer: A Bond Graph Approach
Gilberto Gonzalez-A, Dunia Nuñez-P
130 On the dynamic behaviour of a four-bar linkage driven by a velocity controlled DC motor
Giovanni Incerti
131 Possibilities of Delimitation of City Centers using GIS
Jaroslav Burian, Kateřina Sorbiová, Pavel Tuček, Michaela Tučková
132 Phase Noise Impact on BER in Space Communication
Ondrej Baran, Miroslav Kasal, Petr Vagner, Tomas Urbanec
133 Confidence intervals for the normal mean with known coefficient of variation
Suparat Niwitpong
134 Fabrication of Microfluidic Device for Quantitative Monitoring of Algal Cell Behavior using X-ray LIGA Technology
J. Ruenin, S. Sukprasong, R. Phatthanakun, N. Chomnawang, P. Kuntanawat
135 A Side-Peak Cancellation Scheme for CBOC Code Acquisition
Youngpo Lee, Seokho Yoon
136 A Fast Code Acquisition Scheme for O-CDMA Systems
Youngpo Lee, Jaewoo Lee, Seokho Yoon
137 Dynamic Mesh Based Airfoil Design Optimization
Zhu Xiong-feng, Hou Zhong-xi, Guo Zheng, Liu Zhao-Wei
138 Features of Party Construction in the Course of Political Modernization of Kazakhstan
Zhankuliyeva S. A.
139 Effect of Rearing Systems on Fatty Acid Composition and Cholesterol Content of Thai Indigenous Chicken Meat
W. Molee, P. Puttaraksa, S. Khempaka
140 The Innovative Information System for Systemic Approach of the Sustainability in the Enterprise
M. Izvercianu, L. Ivascu
141 Root System Production and Aboveground Biomass Production of Chosen Cover Crops
M. Hajzler, J. Klimesova, T. Streda, K. Vejrazka, V. Marecek, T. Cholastova
142 Realization of Electronically Tunable Current- Mode Multiphase Sinusoidal Oscillators using CFTAs
Prungsak Uttaphut
143 Analysis on Influence of Gravity on Convection Heat Transfer in Manned Spacecraft during Terrestrial Test
Wang Jing, Tao Tao, Li Xiyuan, Pei Yifei
144 Simulation Games in Business Process Management Education
Vesna Bosilj Vuksic, Mirjana Pejic Bach
145 Comparative Analysis of Diversity and Similarity Indices with Special Relevance to Vegetations around Sewage Drains
Ekta Singh
146 Factorial Structure and Psychometric Validation of Ecotourism Experiential Value Construct: Insights from Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia
Rosidah Musa, Rezian-na Muhammad Kassim
147 Highly Sensitive Label Free Biosensor for Tumor Necrosis Factor
Tze Sian Pui, Tushar Bansal, Patthara Kongsuphol, Sunil K. Arya
148 An Assessment of Food Control System and Development Perspective: The case of Myanmar
Wai Yee Lin, Masahiro Yamao
149 Kaikaku - Radical Improvement in Production
D. Gåsvaer, J. von Axelson
150 Lower Bounds of Some Small Ramsey Numbers
Decha Samana, Vites Longani
151 Dextran Modified Silicon Photonic Microring Resonator Sensors
Jessie Yiying Quah, Vivian Netto, Jack Sheng Kee, Eric Mouchel La Fosse, Mi Kyoung Park
152 Solving Part Type Selection and Loading Problem in Flexible Manufacturing System Using Real Coded Genetic Algorithms – Part I: Modeling
Wayan F. Mahmudy, Romeo M. Marian, Lee H. S. Luong
153 Solving Part Type Selection and Loading Problem in Flexible Manufacturing System using Real Coded Genetic Algorithms – Part II: Optimization
Wayan F. Mahmudy, Romeo M. Marian, Lee H. S. Luong
154 Transimpedance Amplifier for Integrated 3D Ultrasound Biomicroscope Applications
Xiwei Huang, Hyouk-Kyu Cha, Dongning Zhao, Bin Guo, Minkyu Je, Hao Yu
155 The Effect of Granule Size on the Digestibility of Wheat Starch using an in vitro Model
Mee-Lin Lim Chai Teo, Darryl M. Small
156 The Performance of an 802.11g/Wi-Fi Network Whilst Streaming Voice Content
P. O. Umenne, Odhiambo Marcel O.
157 Optimization of Breast Tumor Cells Isolation Efficiency and Purity by Membrane Filtration
Bhuvanendran Nair Gourikutty Sajay, Liu Yuxin, Chang Chia-Pin, Poenar Daniel Puiu, Abdur Rub Abdur Rahman
158 Effects of Microwave Heating on Biogas Production, Chemical Oxygen Demand and Volatile Solids Solubilization of Food Residues
Ackmez Mudhoo, Pravish Rye Moorateeah, Romeela Mohee
159 Analysis and Categorization of e-Learning Activities based on Meaningful Learning Characteristics
Arda Yunianta, Norazah Yusof, Mohd Shahizan Othman, Dewi Octaviani
160 Toward Strengthening Social Resilience: A Case Study on Recovery of Capture Fisheries after Asia’s Tsunami in Aceh, Indonesia
Zulhamsyah Imran, Masahiro Yamao
161 A Research of the Influence that MP3 Sound Gives EEG of the Person
Seiya Teshima, Kazushige Magatani
162 Evaluation of Antifungal Potential of Cenchrus pennisetiformis for the Management of Macrophomina phaseolina
Arshad Javaid, Syeda F. Naqvi
163 Investigation of the Aerodynamic Characters of Ducted Fan System
Wang Bo, Guo Zheng, Wang Peng, Shan Shangqiu, Hou Zhongxi
164 Fatty Acids Composition of Elk, Deer, Roe Deer and Wild Boar Meat Hunted in Latvia
Vita Strazdina, Aleksandrs Jemeljanovs, Vita Sterna
165 Mapping Soil Fertility at Different Scales to Support Sustainable Brazilian Agriculture
Rachel Bardy Prado, Vinícius de Melo Benites, José Carlos Polidoro, Carlos Eduardo Gonçalves, Alexey Naumov
166 Effect of Butachlor on the Microbial Population of Direct Sown Rice
Kalyanasundaram.D., Kavitha S.
167 Using Morphological and Microsatellite (SSR) Markers to Assess the Genetic Diversity in Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)
T. Cholastova, D. Knotova
168 Comparative Study of Drip and Furrow Irrigation Methods at Farmer’s Field in Umarkot
A. Tagar, F. A. Chandio, I. A. Mari, B. Wagan
169 Analysis and Flight Test for Small Inflatable Wing Design
Zhang Jun-Tao, Hou Zhong-xi, Guo Zheng, Chen Li-li
170 Design and Development of Automatic Leveling and Equalizing Hoist Device for Spacecraft
Fu Hao, Sun Gang, Tang Laiying, Cui Junfeng
171 Convergence of National Regulations with IFRS for SMEs: Empirical Evidences in the Case of Romania
Mădălina Maria Gîrbină, Cătălin Nicolae Albu, Nadia Albu
172 The Comparisons of Average Outgoing Quality Limit between the MCSP-2-C and MCSP-C
P. Guayjarernpanishk, T. Mayureesawan
173 New Laguerre’s Type Method for Solving of a Polynomial Equations Systems
Oleksandr Poliakov, Yevgen Pashkov, Marina Kolesova, Olena Chepenyuk, Mykhaylo Kalinin, Vadym Kramar
174 Data Migration between Document-Oriented and Relational Databases
Bogdan Walek, Cyril Klimes
175 Drying of Papaya (Carica papaya L.) using a Microwave-vacuum Dryer
Kraipat Cheenkachorn, Piyawat Jintanatham, Sarun Rattanaprapa
176 Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of a Lower Limb Exoskeleton
Tawakal Hasnain Baluch, Adnan Masood, Javaid Iqbal, Umer Izhar, Umar Shahbaz Khan
177 Identifying the Objectives of Outsourcing Logistics Services as a basis for Measuring its Financial and Operational Performance
Carlos Sanchís-Pedregosa, María del Mar González-Zamora, José A. D. Machuca
178 A Digitally Programmable Voltage-mode Multifunction Biquad Filter with Single-Output
C. Ketviriyakit, W. Kongnun, C. Chanapromma, P. Silapan
179 Incorporation Mechanism of Stabilizing Simulated Lead-Laden Sludge in Aluminum-Rich Ceramics
Xingwen Lu, Kaimin Shih
180 An Approach of Control System for Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS)
M. Soyaslan, A. Fenercioglu, C. Kozkurt
181 Bowden Cable Based Powered Ball and Socket Wrist Actuator
Samee Ahmad, Adnan Masood, Umar S. Khan
182 The Quality Maintenance and Extending Storage Life of Mango Fruit after Postharvest Treatments
Orathai Wongmetha, Lih-Shang Ke
183 Removal of Pharmaceutical Compounds by a Sequential Treatment of Ozonation Followed by Fenton Process: Influence of the Water Matrix
Almudena Aguinaco, Olga Gimeno, Fernando J. Beltrán, Juan José P. Sagasti
184 Characteristics of Maximum Gliding Endurance Path for High-Altitude Solar UAVs
Gao Xian-Zhong, Hou Zhong-xi, Guo Zheng, Liu Jian-xia
185 Various Information Obtained from Acoustic Emissions Owing to Discharges in XLPE Cable
Tatsuya Sakoda, Yuta Nakamura, Junichiro Kitajima, Masaki Sugiura, Satoshi Kurihara, Kenji Baba, Koichiro Kaneko, Takayoshi Yarimitsu
186 Application of Reliability Prediction Model Adapted for the Analysis of the ERP System
F. Urem, K. Fertalj, Ž. Mikulić
187 Transmission Performance of Millimeter Wave Multiband OFDM UWB Wireless Signal over Fiber System
M. Mohamed, X. Zhang, K. Wu, M. Elfituri, A. Legnain
188 Preliminary Assessment of Feasibility of a Wind Energy Conversion System for a Martian Probe or Surface Rover
M. Raciti Castelli, M. Cescon, E. Benini
189 Numerical Simulation of the Turbulent Flow over a three-Dimensional Flat Roof
M. Raciti Castelli, A. Castelli, E. Benini
190 Direct Measurements of Wind Data over 100 Meters above the Ground in the Site of Lendinara, Italy
A. Dal Monte, M. Raciti Castelli, G. B. Bellato, L. Stevanato, E. Benini
191 Evaluation of the Effect of Rotor Solidity on the Performance of a H-Darrieus Turbine Adopting a Blade Element-Momentum Algorithm
G. Bedon, M. Raciti Castelli, E. Benini
192 An Example of post-harvest Thermotherapy as a non-Chemical Method of Pathogen Control on Apples of Topaz Cultivar in Storage
M. Grabowski, K. Macnar, J. Skrzyński
193 Design of the Production Line Based on RFID through 3D Modeling
Aliakbar Akbari, Majid Hashemipour, Shiva Mirshahi
194 The Urban Transportation Systems in two Cities Located in the Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil
D. I. De Souza, G. P. Azevedo, R. Rocha
195 Hydrodynamic Analysis of Reservoir due to Vertical Component of Earthquake using an Analytical Solution
M. Pasbani Khiavi, M. A. Ghorbani
196 Establish a Methodology for Testing and Optimizing GPRS Performance Case Study: Libya GSM
Mohamed Aburkhiss, Ibrahim Aref
197 Implementing a Visual Servoing System for Robot Controlling
Maryam Vafadar, Alireza Behrad, Saeed Akbari
198 Application of a Dual Satellite Geolocation System on Locating Sweeping Interference
M. H. Chan  
199 Preliminary Views on the Determinants of the Cost of Capital for the Emergent Market of Romania
I. Ionascu, M. Ionascu, D.-A. Calu, L. Olimid
200 Assessment of Irrigation Practices at Main Irrigation Network in the Nile Delta
Ahmed Mohsen, Yoshinobu Kitamura, Katsuyuki Shimizu
201 Safe, Sustainable and Smart Charging of Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)
Ajaykrishna Ramasubramanian, Manikandaraj Srinivasan, Vishnu Padmanaban, S. Thirumalini
202 Edit Distance Algorithm to Increase Storage Efficiency of Javanese Corpora
Aji P. Wibawa, Andrew Nafalski, Neil Murray, Wayan F. Mahmudy
203 Assessment of Channel Unavailability Effect on the Wireless Networks Teletraffic Modeling and Analysis
Eman S. El-Din, Hesham M. El-Badawy, Salwa H. Elramly
204 Numerical Solution of Second-Order Ordinary Differential Equations by Improved Runge-Kutta Nystrom Method
Faranak Rabiei, Fudziah Ismail, S. Norazak, Saeid Emadi
205 Model Inversion of a Two Degrees of Freedom Linearized PUMA from Bicausal Bond Graphs
Gilberto Gonzalez-A, Ignacio Rodríguez- A., Dunia Nuñez-P
206 Headspace solid-phase Microextraction of Volatile and furanic Compounds in Coated Fish Sticks: Effect of the Extraction Temperature
M. Trinidad Pérez-Palacios, Catarina Petisca, Olívia Pinho, Isabel M.P.L.V.O. Ferreira
207 A Model of Market Segmentation For The Customers of Mellat Bank in Iran
Nader Gharibnavaz, Hossein Yazdi
208 Interaction of electroosmotic flow on isotachophoretic transport of ions
S. Bhattacharyya, Partha P. Gopmandal
209 An Automation of Check Focusing on CRUD for Requirements Analysis Model in UML
Shinpei Ogata, Yoshitaka Aoki, Hirotaka Okuda, Saeko Matsuura
210 A 1.8 V RF CMOS Active Inductor with 0.18 um CMOS Technology
Siavash Heydarzadeh, Massoud Dousti
211 Raman Scattering and PL Studies on AlGaN/GaN HEMT Layers on 200 mm Si(111)
W. Z. Wang, S. Todd, S. B. Dolmanan, K. B. Lee, L. Yuan, H. F. Sun, S. L. Selvaraj, M. Krishnakumar, G. Q. Lo, S. Tripathy
212 A Software of Intrusion Detection Mechanism for Virtual Platforms
Ying-Chuan Chen, Shuen-Tai Wang
213 Elections Management Information Communication System VoterBallot
Zaza Tabagari, Zaza Sanikidze, George Giorgobiani
214 A Novel Feedback-based Integrated FiWi networks Architecture by Centralized Interlink-ONU Communication
Noman Khan, B. S. Chowdhry, A.Q.K Rajput
215 Inhibition on Conidial Germination of Colletotrichum gloeosporiodes and Pestalotiopsis eugeniae by Bacillus subtilis LB5
Onuma Ruangwong, Wen-Jinn Liang, S.Y. Zhang, Chi-I Chang
216 Vapor Bubble Dynamics in Upward Subcooled Flow Boiling During Void Evolution
Rouhollah Ahmadi, Tatsuya Ueno, Tomio Okawa
217 Design of Multiple Clouds based Global Performance Evaluation Service Broker System
Dong-Jae Kang, Nam-Woo Kim, Duk-Joo Son, Sung-In Jung
218 A New Algorithm to Stereo Correspondence using Rank Transform and Morphology Based On Genetic Algorithm
Razagh Hafezi, Ahmad Keshavarz, Vida Moshfegh
219 Tool Wear of Titanium/Tungsten/Silicon/Aluminum-based-coated end Mill Cutters in Millin Hardened Steel
Tadahiro Wada, Koji Iwamoto
220 Numerical Study of Heat Transfer Enhancement by using Al2O3/Synthetic Oil Nanofluid in a Parabolic Trough Collector Tube
A. B. Kasaeian, T. Sokhansefat, M. J. Abbaspour, M. Sokhansefat
221 Low Frequency Multiple Divider using Resonant Model
Chih Chin Yang, Chih Yu Lee, Jing Yi Wang, Mei Zhen Xue, Chia Yueh Wu
222 Massively Parallel Numerical Simulation of Hypersonic Flow Based on Structured Grid
Ding Guo-Hao, Li Hua, Liu Feng
223 Modern Portfolio Management with the Support of Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms: An Analysis of Problem Formulation Issues
K. Liagkouras, K. Metaxiotis
224 Angle-of-attack Impact on the Performance of Hypersonic Waverider
Liu Jian-xia, Hou Zhong-xi,Chen Xiao-qing, Gao Xian-zhong
225 Design of Inductive Powering Coils for Implantable Blood Flow Sensing Microsystem
Rui-Feng Xue, Jia Hao Cheong, Chee Keong Ho, Lei Yao, Cairan He, Minkyu Je
226 Maximizing the Lifetime of Sensor Networks under Joint Opportunistic Routing and Scheduling
S. Chelloug, M. Benmohammed
227 Elicitation of Requirementsfor a Knowledge Management Conceptin Decentralized Production Planning
S. Minhas, C. Juzek, U. Berger
228 X-Pichil: From Traditional to “Modern” Farming in a Maya Community
R. Ebel, J. Castillo Cocom
229 Strategic Positioning Mapping of Indoors Products, Compared to Strong Brands
Nader Gharibnavaz, Mohammad Ahmadi, Yousef Mohamadifar, Owjan Karimi
230 Relationship between Marketing Strategy and Market Segmentation in Cement Industry
Nader Gharibnavaz, Mohamad Ali Babai Zakilaki
231 Measured Downlink Adjacent Satellite Interference of C-band Satellites with 2° Orbital Separation
Wei-Chi IP, Chun-Yin Vong, Rui Zhang
232 Multi Vehicle Control and Monitoring System using Satellite Image and Duplex Satellite Communication
Ki-Ho Kwon, Sang Jeong Lee
233 The Fuel Consumption and Non Linear Model Metropolitan and Large City Transportation System
Supatra Lookraks
234 Earnings Management and Analysts’ Forecast Accuracy: Evidence for the Emergent Market of Romania
M. Ionascu
235 In-vitro Antiproliferative Activity of Sphaeranthus Amaranthoides
S. Gayatri, C. Uma Maheswara Reddy, K. Chitra
236 Behavior Factor of Flat double-layer Space Structures
Behnam Shirkhanghah, Vahid Shahbaznejhad-Fard, Houshyar Eimani-Kalesar, Babak Pahlevan
237 Investigation into behavior of Suspen-Domes in Comparison with Single-Layer Domes
Behnam Shirkhanghah, Ali Darabadi-Zare, Houshyar Eimani-Kalesar, Babak Pahlevan
238 Separation of Dissolved Gas for Breathing of a Human against Sudden Waves using Hollow Fiber Membranes
Pil Woo Heo, In Sub Park
239 Long-Term Treatment of Puerariae Radix Extract Ameliorated Hyperparathyroidism Induced by Ovariectomy in Mature Female Rats
Xiao-Li Dong, Quan-Gui Gao, Sa-Sa Gu, Hao-Tian Feng, Man-Sau Wong, Liya Denney
240 Subjective Assessment about Super Resolution Image Resolution
Seiichi Gohshi, Hiroyuki Sekiguchi, Yoshiyasu Shimizu, Takeshi Ikenaga
241 People Empowerment in Livelihood Activities toward Sustainable Coastal Resource Management in Indonesia
Achmad Zamroni, Masahiro Yamao
242 The Fuel Consumption and Non Linear Model Metropolitan and Large City Transportation System
Mudjiastuti Handajani
243 Influence of Solution Chemistry on Adsorption of Perfluorooctanesulfonate (PFOS) and Perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) on Boehmite
Fei Wang, Kaimin Shih
244 The Effect of a Nutrient Fortified Oat Drink on Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin C Status among Filipino Children
Imelda Angeles-Agdeppa , Anne C. Kurilich , Yashna Harjani , Mario V. Capanzana

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