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Saturday, 22 June 2013

PACIS 2013 Proceedings | Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS) | Association for Information Systems

PACIS 2013 Proceedings

The Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS) is the premier venue for networking with information systems (IS) scholars in the Pacific Asia region. It offers a great opportunity for researchers to exchange research findings on the latest development in the IS field, and to foster regional and international collaboration within the community. The theme of the conference this year is “Smart, Open, and Social Information Systems.”
Record-breaking is a keyword to describe this year’s PACIS. In total, 583 manuscripts, 441 regular and 142 research-in-progress (RIP) papers, were received from authors in 38 countries and regions. This represents a 10% increase over the previous record of 529 submissions to PACIS 2011. The top 10 contributing countries and regions are China, Australia, Taiwan, Korea, USA, Malaysia, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. More than 520 participants have registered for the conference, which is another record-breaking number. These numbers reflect a significant growing trend of the IS community in the Asia Pacific region.
Among the 22 tracks, the most popular ones were Social Media and Business Impacts (58 submissions), Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence (57 submissions), and Electronic and Mobile Businesses (47 submissions). They fit the conference theme really well on social, smart, and open IS. Each manuscript received at least two double-blind reviews and a final recommendation from the track chairs. The overall acceptance rate was 46.1% for regular and RIP papers combined. A total of 217 regular papers and 52 RIP papers were accepted at the end. In addition, 17 RIP-formatted doctoral consortium papers are included. Thus, all 286 papers are included in the Proceedings, which are available from both the AIS Library and the PACIS Proceeding Repository (
Jae-Nam Lee, Ji-Ye Mao, and James Thong
Program Co-Chairs, PACIS 2013, June 2013

Submissions from 2013

Acceptance and Willingness to Pay for Mobile TV Apps, Chen-Ya Wang, Hsia-Ching Chang, Seng-Cho T. Chou, and Fung-Fei Chen
A Classification Model for Detection of Chinese Phishing E-Business Websites, Hansi Jiang, Dongsong Zhang, and Zhijun Yan
A Comparative Study of the Effect of Blogs and Email on Virtual Team Performance, Robert Bastida, Hritik Gupta, and Stephen C. Wingreen
ACQR: A Novel Framework to Identify and Predict Influential Users in Micro-Blogging, Wen Chai, Wei Xu, Meiyun Zuo, and Xiaowei Wen
A Decision Support System for Finding Research Topic based on Paper Recommendation, Li Yu, Jie Yang, Dong Yang, and Xiaoping Yang
Adopting Internet Telephony Technology as a Cross-Cultural Communication Training Tool, Charlie C. Chen and Peter Ractham
Agile Usage: Refining a Theoretical Model, Mali Senapathi, Meghann Drury, and Ananth Srinivasan
Agility: Customer’s Perspective, Maura Atapattu and Darshana Sedera
A Hybrid Bayesian Network for Safety of Chemical Plants, Mohsen Naderpour and Jie Lu
A Knowledge Management Framework for Sustainable Development: A Case of Natural Resource Management Policy Work in Indonesia, Henry Linger, Jeremy Aarons, Paul McShane, and Frada Burstein
All Online Friends Are Not Created Equal: Discovering Influence Structure in Online Social Networks, Xi Chen, Chong (Alex) Wang, and Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang
A Multi-Perspective Approach to Knowledge Management in Complex Environments: A Case Study in an Australian Government, Choonbae Yoo, Igor Hawryszkiewycz, and Kyeong Kang
An AHP Integrated QFD Approach for Three Dimensional Blended Value Requirements in Sustainable E-Business Modelling: The Case of a Commercial Bank, Mohammed Naim A. Dewan, Nasrin Ruby Biswas, Md. Maruf Hossan Chowdhury, and Mohammed A. Quaddus
An AHP-QFD Integrated Approach to Meet Three Dimensional Environmental Value Requirements in Sustainable E-Business Modelling, Mohammed Naim A. Dewan, Nasrin Ruby Biswas, Md. Maruf Hossan Chowdhury, and Mohammed A. Quaddus
Analysis of Advertisement based Business Model under Technological Advancements in Fair Use Personal Recording Services: A Law and Economics Approach, Myunsoo Kim and Byungtae Lee
Analyzing the Impact of Brokered Services on the Cloud Computing Market, Richard D. Shang, Jianhui Huang, Yinping Yang, and Robert J. Kauffman
Analyzing the Influence of IS Capability on Software-as-a-Service Performance: A Relational View, Shih-Wei Chou, Hui-Tzu Min, Chia-Shiang Hsu, I-Hua Hung, and Yu-Chieh Chang
An Empirical Study of Collective Continuance Intention on Virtual Community Page of Social Network Site, Yu-Chieh Chang and Shih-Wei Chou
An Empirical Study of Guarantee in Service E-Commerce, Haichao Zheng, Jui-Long Hung, and Zhangxi Lin
An Empirical Study of the Factors Influencing Use of Social Network Service, Jaeyoung Lee and Euiho Suh
An Empirical Study on the Enterprise Cloud Service Adoption, Jung-Han Suh and Suk-Gwon Chang
An Enterprise Architecture Driven Approach to Virtualisation, Stephen Smith, Asif Qumer Gill, Helen Hasan, and Shahla Ghobadi
A New IT Organizational form for Multinational Enterprises, Sia Siew Kien, Christina Soh, and Mary Lynne Markus
An Exploratory Study of the Effects of Price Decreases on Online Product Reviews: Focusing on Amazon’s Kindle 2, Ying Jin, Sung-Byung Yang, Cheul Rhee, and Kyung Young Lee
An Integrated Framework of Mobile Apps Usage Intention, Hsiu-Lan Wu
An Integrated Theoretical Framework for Cloud Computing Adoption by Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Amin Saedi and Noorminshah A. Iahad
An Intercountry Analysis on the Factors and Barriers to Internet Accessibility, Omer Gibreel, Seongmin Jeon, and Byungjoon Yoo
An Investigation into the Online Generative Capability of Chinese Digital Immigrants, Yuxiang (Chris) Zhao and Qinghua Zhu
An Investigation of the Factors Influencing Information Quality: From the Expectation-Perception Perspective, Yahui Li, Yuewen Liu, Hongyun Zhang, Wei Sun, and Wei Huang
Applying the International Delphi Technique in a Study of Mobile Collaborative Maintenance Requirements, Faisal Syafar, Jing Gao, and Jia Tina Du
A Qualitative Investigation of the SECI Model’s Knowledge Conversions in the Applications Development Context, Christobal Cayaba and Zelinna Pablo
A Research to Identify the Relationship between Consumers’ Attitude and Mobile Advertising, Maidul Islam, Mincheol Kang, and Sung-Byung Yang
A Review on Knowledge Audit Process, Nur Syufiza Ahmad Shukor, Azizah Abdul Rahman, and Noorminshah A. Iahad
A Sentiment-based Hybrid Model for Stock Return Forecasting, Tiejun Wang, Qixu Gong, Wang Ren, Yanyan Wang, Xubin Luo, and Qing Li
Assessment Mechanism of Internal Control for Information Technology Governance, I-Cheng Chang, She-I Chang, and Chuang-Chun Liu
A Theoretical Model and Empirical Investigation of Social Networking Site Users’ Switching Intention, Fei Liu and Bo Xiao
A Typology and Hierarchical Framework of Technology Use in Digital Natives’ Learning, Zixiu Guo, Kenneth J. Stevens, and Yuan Li
Beyond ANT and Sociomateriality: Explore Symbolic Power to Information System Adoption, Huifen Wang, Wenhui Ye, and Qiuhong Tang
Biting Newcomers to Improve Collaborative Learning System: An Opportunity Cost Perspective, Myunsoo Kim and Byungtae Lee
Blogging, Bridging, and Brokering: Analyzing Interconnected Networks in Online Collective Actions, Serpil T. Yuce, Nitin Agarwal, Rolf T. Wigand, Merlyna Lim, and Rebecca S. Robinson
Building a Taxonomy for Cybercrimes, Lesley Land, Stephen Smith, and Vincent Pang
Building Identification to Co-Create Supply Chain Innovation, Hsiao-Lan Wei, Yu-Fen Yan, and Pei-Hung Ju
Building Legitimacy for Green IS Innovations in Taiwan, Yen-Ling Lin, Yu Shirley Ou Yang, and Carol Hsu
Business Rules Management Solutions Problem Space: Situational Factors, Martijn Zoet and Johan Versendaal
Business Value of Enterprise Micro-Blogs: Empirical Study from in Sina, Jinghua Huang, Jing Zhang, Yangfan Li, and Zhepeng Lv
Can Intra-Firm IT Skills Benefit Supply Chain Integration and Performance?, Eric T. G. Wang, Frank K. Y. Chou, and S. Z. Lai
Chief Information Officer (CIO) Leadership in Crisis Situations: Subordinate Stories from the Japan Earthquake Crisis, Tommi Tapanainen and Taro Kamioka
Circadian Rhythms of Friend-Making Behavior: An Investigation through Online Gaming Community, Ximeng (Simon) Wang, Cheng Zhang, Chee Wei Phang, Yunjie Xu, and Xiaohua Zeng
Client Influence on IT Outsourcing Vendors’ Operational Capabilities: A Relationship Learning Perspective, Fang Su and Ji-Ye Mao
Cloud ERP Adoption-A Process View Approach, Siti Aisyah Salim
Collaborative Aggregation of Individual Rating for Group Evaluation, Li Yu, Haiyan Zhang, and Liang Xun
Competitive Altruism and Active Contribution in Virtual Communities, Michael C. S. Chang
Competitive Evolutionary Dynamics of Cloud Service Offerings in Korea: A Path-Dependency Perspective, Eun-Jung Kim and Suk-Gwon Chang
Complexity, Process and Agility in Small Development Teams: An Exploratory Case Study, Paul Ralph and Jose Eduardo Narros
Constructing Autonomy Oriented Network Learning Mechanism of Generation Y, Xiang Wang and Shuyan Ding
Consumer E-Service Evaluation in Hong Kong Online Music Subscription Service Industry, Kevin K.W. Ho, Eric W.K. See-To, Billy Chiu, and Mandy Wu
Consumer Motivations in Online Group Buying: A Means-End Chain Approach, Lin Xiao
Context-Aware Access Control for Resources in the Ubiquitous Learning System Using Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-based Encryption, Ling Yu, Bo Chen, Bei Huang, and Ning Wang
Continual Growth, Inhibitors, and Implications of Information Communication Technology in South Korea from a North American Perspective, J.P. Shim, Aaron M. French, and Ephraim R. McLean
Continuation-based Mobile Personalization Agent in Human Behavior Change, Teemu Leppänen, Teppo Räisänen, Sami Halonen, and Jukka Riekki
Cross Boundary Knowledge Management Mechanisms by Key Users in ES Implementation, Mian-Zhen Pan and Ji-Ye Mao
Cultivating Social Capital through Interactivity on Social Network Sites, Ling-Ling Wu, Yi-Ting Wang, Yu-Ting Su, and Ming-Yih Yeh
Customer Information Sharing Behavior in Social Shopping Communities: A Social Capital Perspective, Ivy L.B. Liu, Christy M.K. Cheung, and Matthew K.O. Lee
Customer Oriented Business Process Improvement Methodlogy for Public Sector Organizations, Mohammad Dalvi Esfahani, Azizah Abdul Rahman, and Nor Hidayati Zakaria
Dealing with the Transition from Web to Mobile Services: The Role of Consistency and Trust, Yongqiang Sun, Xiao-Liang Shen, and Nan Wang
Decision Support System for Customer Value-based Revenue Management in Manufacturing, Michael Mohaupt and Andreas Hilbert
Design of Organisational Ubiquitous Information Systems: Digital Native and Digital Immigrant Perspectives, Khushbu Tilvawala, David Sundaram, and Michael Myers
Detecting Term Relationships to Improve Textual Document Sanitization, David Sánchez, Montserrat Batet, and Alexandre Viejo
Determinants of SaaS ERP Systems Adoption, Ravi Seethamraju
Developing a Maturity Model for Product-Service Systems in Manufacturing Enterprises, Alexander A. Neff, Florian Hamel, Thomas Ph. Herz, Falk Uebernickel, and Walter Brenner
Developing Consumers’ Brand Loyalty in Companies’ Microblogs: The Roles of Social- and Self- Factors, Sasa Wang, Kem Z.K. Zhang, and Matthew K.O. Lee
Developing E-Loyalty Amongst Impulsive Buyers via Social Influence on Group Buying Websites, Michelle Y. T. Gwee and Klarissa T. T. Chang
Developing Organizational Agility through IT Capability and KM Capability: The Moderating Effects of Organizational Climate, Zhao Cai, Qian Huang, Hefu Liu, Robert M. Davison, and Liang Liang
Development of the Risk Management Mechanism of an Enterprise Resource Planning System based on Work System Method, She-I Chang, Hsing-Jung Li, Su-Han Cheng, and Wan-Yun Lai
Differencial Effect of E-Banking Services Determinants, Seung Hye Jin and Yong Jin Kim
Diffusion of Smart Grid for Low-Carbon Green Growth: Grounded Theory Apprroach, Jaehun Joo and Lyunhwa Kim
Digital Social Signal Processing - Theoretical Underpinning and Research Agenda, Andrea Malsbender, Matthias Voigt, Daniel Beverungen, and Michael Rosemann
Disclosure of Organizational Information on Social Media: Perspectives from Security Managers, Nurul Nuha Abdul Molok, Shanton Chang, and Atif Ahmad
Does Age Matter in Mobile User Experience? Impact of Age on Relative Importance of Antecedents of Mobile User Experience, Jihyun Kim, Jinwoo Kim, and Jae Yun Moon
Does Altruism Matter on Online Group Buying? Perspectives from Egotistic and Altruistic Behavior, Wen-Lung Shiau and Patrick Y. K. Chau
Does Customer Membership Level Affect Online Reviews? A Study of Online Reviews from 360buy.Com in China, Dongpu Fu and Kanliang Wang
Does Self-Efficacy Contribute to Knowledge Sharing and Innovation Effectiveness? A Multi-Level Perspective, Chia-Ying Li
Do Facts Speak Louder than Words? Understanding the Sources of Punishment Perceptions in Software Piracy Behavior, Yongqiang Sun, Kai H. Lim, and Yulin Fang
Don’t Look Here: Off-Limits Words Bias Play in the ESP Game, David Bodoff and Eran Vaknin
Do They Tweet Differently? A Cross-Cultural Group Study of Twitter Use on Mobile Communication Devices, Kyungsub S. Choi, Il Im, and Jason Danely
Double Ensemble Approaches to Predicting Firms’ Credit Rating, Jungeun Kwon, Keunho Choi, and Yongmoo Suh
Do Utilitarian/Hedonic Subject and Personal Relevance Matter in Users’ Choice of Best Knowledge in Online Questionanswering Community?, Feng-Yang Bob Kuo, Chih-Yi Tseng, Cathy S. Lin, and Chen-Kuang Yang
Down-to-Earth Issues in Information System Use, Hawa Ahmad and Andrew Basden
Drivers for Green IT in Organizations: Multiple Case Studies in China and Singapore, Xue Yang, Yan Li, and Chuan-Hoo Tan
DYMS (Dynamic Matcher Selector) – Scenario-based Schema Matcher Selector, Youngseok Choi
Dynamically Assessing the Intertwined Influences of ISD Project Risk Factors, Wenli Hwang, Bo Hsiao, Houn-Gee Chen, and Ching-Chin Chern
Dynamics of Price Elasticity Over Time: Evidence from the E-Book Industry, Eunkyoung Lee and Byungtae Lee
Effect of Icon Styles on Cognitive Absorption and Behavioral Intention of Low Literate Users, Avijit Sengupta and Klarissa Ting Ting Chang
Effect of IT Capability on the Alignment between Business and Service Innovation Strategies, Hyun-Sun Ryu and Jae-Nam Lee
Effect of IT Skills on IT Capabilities and IT-Business Alignment, Eric T.G. Wang, Chi-Hsing Chiu, and Kai-Xiang Chen
Effects of Neutralization Techniques and Rational Choice Theory on Internet Abuse in the Workplace, Wenli Li and Lijiao Cheng
Effects of the Web 2.0 and Social Network Services Environment on Information Quality and Intentions to Re-Use, Sunjip Yim and Minsoo Shin
Effects of Third Person Perception and Information System on Stock Market Crash, Myunsoo Kim
Efficiency of Knowledge Integration in Enterprise Systems Implementation, Sepideh Ebrahimi, Othman Ibrahim, Ab. Razak Che Hussin, and Darshana Sedera
E-Learning System Implementation: Implications from the Construal Level Theory, Candy K. Y. Ho, Weiling Ke, and Hefu Liu

PACIS 2013 Proceedings | Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS) | Association for Information Systems

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