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Thursday, 13 June 2013

SSRN Top 10 Papers for Journal of AARN: Science & Technology Studies (Sub-Topic)

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TOP 10 Papers for Journal of AARN: Science & Technology Studies (Sub-Topic)

April 14, 2013 to June 13, 2013

Rank Downloads Paper Title
1 587 Governing Algorithms: A Provocation Piece
Malte Ziewitz, Sophie Hood, Solon Barocas,
New York University (NYU) - Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, New York University (NYU), New York University (NYU) - Department of Media, Culture, and Communication,
Date posted to database: April 4, 2013
Last Revised: April 8, 2013
2 319 The Most Controversial Topics in Wikipedia: A Multilingual and Geographical Analysis
Janos Kertesz, Mark Graham, Taha Yasseri, Anselm Spoerri,
University of Oxford - Oxford Internet Institute, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - School of Communication and Information (SC&I), Oxford Internet Institute, Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Department of Theoretical Physics,
Date posted to database: May 24, 2013
Last Revised: June 12, 2013
3 241 Online Learning in Practice: An Introduction to Statistics Course
Linda Weiser Friedman, Hershey H. Friedman,
Brooklyn College - Department of Finance and Business Management, Baruch College, CUNY - Zicklin School of Business,
Date posted to database: May 3, 2013
Last Revised: May 3, 2013
4 17 From Cyberspace to Outer Space: Existing Legal Regimes Under Pressure from Emerging Meta-Technologies
Rita M. Lauria, George S. Robinson,
Metalaw®.US an Alliance of Metalaw®, Robinson and Associates, P.C.,
Date posted to database: April 7, 2013
Last Revised: April 7, 2013
5 17 Does it Matter Which Citation Tool is Used to Compare the H-Index of a Group of Highly Cited Researchers?
Nader Ale Ebrahim, Hadi Farhadi, Maryam Farhadi, Hadi Salehi, Melor Md Yunus, Arezoo Aghaei Chadegani, Masood Fooladi,
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia-Research Center for Islamic Economics and Finance (EKONIS-UKM), Islamic Azad University, Najafabad Branch, National University of Malaysia - Faculty of Education, Islamic Azad University, University Kebangsaan Malaysia, National University of Malaysia - UKM, Islamic Azad University, Mobarakeh Branch, University of Malaya - Department of Engineering Design and Manufacture, Faculty of Engineering,
Date posted to database: June 6, 2013
Last Revised: June 6, 2013

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