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Monday, 10 March 2014

Virtual Teams: a Literature Review. - Google Scholar

A Study of Virtual Value Management Workshop: Identifying Risks of Its Implementation

Z Yuan, GQP Shen, KH Chung, ZM Ramly - Bridges, 2014 -
ABSTRACT Value Management (VM) studies often encountera problem that key
stakeholders of a construction project are geographically dispersed and it is difficult to
assemble them in a specific location on appointed time to conduct such VM studies. ...

The impact of emergent virtual leadership competencies on team effectiveness

P Ziek, S Smulowitz - Leadership & Organization Development …, 2014 -
Purpose-The research on virtual team leadership does well to describe the skills that are
needed to guide and direct effective teams. However what is presupposed in the previous
research is that virtual teams have assigned leaders. That is, leaders were either ...

Individual and Professional Development in the Digital Age: Towards a Conceptual Model of Virtual Worlds for Organizations

B Koles, P Nagy - Management Research Review, 2014 -
Purpose-The current paper embraces an interdisciplinary approach to illustrate some of the
ways in which virtual worlds expanded upon the individual, social and professional options
of employees in organizational settings. Design/methodology/approach-Through an ...

The application and impact of using virtual team in Middle East (case study)

MY El-Sheikh, AM Tahwia, AAA Al-Halwany… - European Journal of …, 2014 -
Abstract The purpose of this paper is to identify the application and impact of using virtual
team in Middle East in construction field. The literature and various studies concluded that
virtual teams are still in its nascent stages and because of the relative newness of virtual ...

A framework for SaaS software packages evaluation and selection with virtual team and BOCR of analytic network process

D Ergu, Y Peng - The Journal of Supercomputing, 2014 - Springer
Abstract Software packages evaluation and selection is one of the most important activities
encountered by software as a service (SaaS) users in the high performance networked
computing environment, especially for the small or medium-sized enterprises. In this ...

Emergent leader detection and identification in a virtual team environment: A grounded theory study

F Shehab Nasser - 2014 -
Abstract: One challenge facing organizations using virtual teams is the inability to detect,
identify, select, and develop emergent leaders working in the virtual team environment,
which might increase the organizational risk of a shortage in leadership resources. The ...

[PDF] Trust and Team Performance

Abstract: Modern and competitive world is in the need of shorter time, lower cost and
maximum solutions to the complex problems in the progress of the organization; all these
play an important role in the team's growing response and better performance. To survive ...
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Ebrahim: Virtual Teams: a Literature Review. - Google Scholar

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