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Monday, 23 June 2014

SSRN Top Downloads- ALL TIME TOP PAPERS for all papers in this SSRN eLibrary subject area 2 Jan 1997 through 23 Jun 2014



The Curse of Innovation: A Theory of Why Innovative New Products Fail in the Marketplace

John T. Gourville

Harvard Business School

Date posted to database: 5 Aug 2005

Last Revised: 12 Jun 2012



Corporate Foresight: Its Three Roles in Enhancing the Innovation Capacity of a Firm

René Rohrbeck and

Hans Georg Gemünden

University of Aarhus - Business and Social Sciences,
Department of Business Administration and Technical University of

Date posted to database: 31 May 2010

Last Revised: 12 Jun 2014



The Value of Crowdsourcing: Can Users Really Compete with Professionals in Generating New Product Ideas?

Marion Kristin Poetz and

Martin Schreier

Copenhagen Business School and Bocconi University - Department of Marketing

Date posted to database: 10 Mar 2010

Last Revised: 20 Dec 2013



Understanding the Innovation Process: Innovation in Dynamic Service Industries

Guy Gellatly and

Valerie Peters

Statistics Canada and Statistics Canada

Date posted to database: 10 Jul 2000

Last Revised: 18 Dec 2013



E-Business Management: Concepts and Successful Factors

Abdulrahman Sultan Alshamlan

Royal Court - Bahrain

Date posted to database: 2 May 2006

Last Revised: 7 Jun 2014



Complexity, Networks and Knowledge Flow

Olav Sorenson,

Jan W. Rivkin and

Lee Fleming

Yale School of Management, Harvard Business School,
Strategy Unit and Harvard University - Technology & Operations
Management Unit

Date posted to database: 30 Jul 2002

Last Revised: 27 Jun 2012



Virtual R&D Teams in Small and Medium Enterprises: A Literature Review

Nader Ale Ebrahim,

Shamsuddin Ahmed and

Zahari Taha

Department of Engineering Design and Manufacture,
Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya (UM)Research Support Unit,
Centre of Research Services, Institute of Research Management and
Monitoring (IPPP), University of Malaya (UM), University of Malaya (UM)
and University of Malaya (UM)

Date posted to database: 5 Jan 2010

Last Revised: 19 Jun 2014



The Golden Circle of Innovation: What Companies Can Learn from NGOs When It Comes to Innovation

Jan Spruijt,

Tom Spanjaard and

Koen Demouge

Avans University, Avans University and Avans University

Date posted to database: 27 Apr 2013

Last Revised: 23 May 2013



The Value Contribution of Strategic Foresight: Insights from an Empirical Study on Large European Companies

René Rohrbeck and

Jan Oliver Schwarz

University of Aarhus - Business and Social Sciences,
Department of Business Administration and EBS Universität für
Wirtschaft und Recht - EBS Business School

Date posted to database: 30 Dec 2012

Last Revised: 20 Feb 2013



Valuation of High-Risk High-Technology Ventures

Avi Messica

Colman College of Management

Date posted to database: 4 Oct 2006

Last Revised: 28 Sep 2013

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