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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Multiagent systems as a team member

International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society

Volume 9, Issue 1, 2013, Pages 73-90

Multiagent systems as a team member  (Article)

Applied Technology and Performance Improvement (ATPI) Program, University of North Texas, United States


With the increasing complex business
environment that organizations have to operate in today, teams are
being utilized to complete complex tasks. Teams are capable of
completing complex tasks that no one individual can achieve. Effective
team decision-making requires team members to discuss new information
(unshared knowledge) and to consider this new information along with
existing information (shared knowledge). Research has shown that shared
knowledge is favored over unshared knowledge during team discussions.
One method of transferring unshared knowledge to shared knowledge is to
take advantage of new multiagent systems that are designed to support
teams. Multiagent systems are capable of filtering information without
the bias toward shared information over unshared information. This paper
takes a theoretical approach supporting the use of multiagent systems
as a means to increase the effectiveness of team decision-making
processes by better capturing shared and unshared information. © Common
Ground, John R. Turner.

Author keywords

Multiagent systems; Shared and unshared knowledge; Teams

ISSN: 18323669
Source Type: Conference Proceeding
Original language: English

Document Type: Article
Publisher: Common Ground Publishing

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