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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

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Ebrahim, Nader Ale (22974706300) Doc ID Year Correct
Ethical and unethical methods of plagiarism prevention in academic writing
Bakhtiyari, K.  Salehi, H.  Embi, M.A.  Shakiba, M.  Zavvari, A.  Shahbazi-Moghadam, M.  Ebrahim, N.A.  Mohammadjafari, M.
84921491747 2014 y
Visibility and citation impact
Ebrahim, N.A.  Salehi, H.  Embi, M.A.  Tanha, F.H.  Gholizadeh, H.  Motahar, S.M.
84907180196 2014 y
Equality of Google scholar with web of science citations: Case of Malaysian engineering highly cited papers
Ebrahim, N.A.  Salehi, H.  Embi, M.A.  Danaee, M.  Mohammadjafari, M.  Zavvari, A.  Shakiba, M.  Shahbazi-Moghadam, M.
84907168011 2014 y
Economic growth and internet usage impact on publication productivity among ASEAN's and world's best universities
Gholizadeh, H.  Salehi, H.  Embi, M.A.  Danaee, M.  Ordi, A.  Tanha, F.H.  Ebrahim, N.A.  Osman, N.A.A.
84907160706 2014 y
Contribution of information and communication technology (ict) in country's h-index
Farhadi, M.  Salehi, H.  Embi, M.A.  Fooladi, M.  Farhadi, H.  Chadegani, A.A.  Ebrahim, N.A.
84887355762 2013 y
Effective strategies for increasing citation frequency
Ebrahim, N.A.  Salehi, H.  Embi, M.A.  Tanha, F.H.  Gholizadeh, H.  Motahar, S.M.  Ordi, A.
84886790522 2013 y
A comparison between two main academic literature collections: Web of science and scopus databases
Aghaei Chadegani, A.  Salehi, H.  Md Yunus, M.M.  Farhadi, H.  Fooladi, M.  Farhadi, M.  Ale Ebrahim, N.
84876995338 2013 y
Does criticisms overcome the praises of journal impact factor?
Fooladi, M.  Salehi, H.  Md Yunus, M.  Farhadi, M.  Aghaei Chadegani, A.  Farhadi, H.  Ale Ebrahim, N.
84876992050 2013 y
Virtual collaborative R&D teams in Malaysia manufacturing SMEs
Ebrahim, N.A.  Ahmed, S.  Rashid, S.H.A.  Wazed, M.A.  Taha, Z.
84856033697 2012 y
Models for component commonality in multistage production
Wazed, M.A.  Ahmed, S.  Nukman, Y.  Ale Ebrahim, N.
81255162499 2012 y
Virtual R&D teams: A potential growth of education-industry collaboration
Ebrahim, N.A.  Ahmed, S.  Abdul Rashid, S.H.  Taha, Z.
79961189791 2010 y
SMEs; Virtual research and development (R&D) teams and new product development: A literature review
Ebrahim, N.A.  Ahmed, S.  Taha, Z.
77958063406 2010 y
Virtual teams: A literature review
Ebrahim, N.A.  Ahmed, S.  Taha, Z.
77952305856 2009 y
SMEs and virtual R&D teams: A motive channel for relationship between SMEs
Ebrahim, N.A.  Ahmed, S.  Taha, Z.
77951005128 2009 y
Virtual R & D teams in small and medium enterprises: A literature review
Ebrahim, N.A.  Ahmed, S.  Taha, Z.
76649119456 2009 y
Innovation and R&D activities in virtual team
Ebrahim, N.A.  Ahmed, S.  Taha, Z.
70049115372 2009 y

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