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Thursday, 19 February 2015

What You Need To Do While Managing Virtual Teams!

What You Need To Do While Managing Virtual Teams!

How To Manage Virtual Team - PM Aura

As businesses continue to expand globally, working teams and their
managers are increasingly getting separated by many miles and different
time zones. Though, the virtual concept has many advantages to it, but
at the same time, it presents a number of managerial challenges for the
organization. Online working pattern makes the work being done less
formalized and even the companies don’t have clear policies on how to
manage virtual project teams.

Today, leading a project team simply means leading people located at
different offices, in different countries and different time zones.

Usually people assume that an effective leader leading physically
present teams well can easily manage the virtual teams. But that is not
true in all cases. Such leaders may also fail to manage virtual teams.

Such teams have different kind of issues and challenges and here
effective leadership plays the key role. Most common challenges include
miscommunication, language or time barrier, accountability issues, etc.

Thus, to be a successful virtual team leader, you must master these 3 traits:

Make More Impact With Virtual Team Meetings

To prove yourself as an influential leader, run effective team
meetings that clearly communicate the project goals and objectives. Here
are the simple tips that you can follow to make the meeting more

  •  Pen down the meeting agendas
  •  Address time barriers
  •  Avoid off-the-track discussions
  •  Delegate balanced and collaborative tasks
Establish Healthy Bonding And Trust Within Team Members

This is one of the greatest challenges while handling a virtual team.
As per a recent survey, 81% virtual teams have a problem of
establishing good rapport and trust among the members. Thus, here it
becomes the responsibility of the project lead to keep the team bonding
and spirit intact. But the members also need to support for the same.
These tips can help you establish trust and more integrity:

  • Clearly show your work to others
  • Accept when you don’t know anything
  • Stay in regular touch
  • Try indulging two or more resources on single task
Manage Individual as well as Team Accountability

Usually, in virtual team set-ups, every individual has a tendency to
work autonomously that makes them disconnected and sometimes distracted.
Therefore, as a team lead, you need to hold them accountable for every
task assigned to them. Here’s how you can improve accountability of your
virtual teams:

  • Clearly designate responsibility to all team members
  • Be specific with deadlines and share the information over a common project management tool
  • Acknowledge every team member when key milestones are achieved
Technology can be your tool in bridging the gap between virtual teams. Effective project management software can help you enhance team collaboration and communication, set realistic goals and objectives and track the project progress.

What You Need To Do While Managing Virtual Teams!

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