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Thursday, 16 July 2015

IAMOT 2015- Paper Index

Paper Index

Author  Title 
Paper Number

Fernandez-Ledesma, Javier  / Ramirez, Sebastian

Proposed Methodology for Measuring Innovation Capabilities in a Number of Companies Agrobusiness

Thaba, James / Benade, Siebert

Aligning Force Planning and Systems Acquisition

van Zyl, Jean-Matt / Pretorius, Leon

Aspects of Risks in Petro-Chemical Construction Projects

Oosthuizen, Rudolph / Pretorius, Leon

Modelling the Impact of Technology on Anti Poaching Command and Control Systems

Balmer, Marlett

Enhancing Decision-Making Capacity to Support the Implementation of Emerging Energy Technologies

Iwami, Shino / Kogo, Kyoko / Tacoa, Francisco / Mori, Junichiro / Kajikawa, Yuya / Sakata, Ichiro

Cross-Disciplinary Methodology for Detection of Collaborative and Competitive Candidates

Papachristos, George / van de Kaa, Geerten

Platform Competition: A Retroductive System Dynamics Modelling Approach

Karni, Reuven 

Assessing the Functional Alignment of a Business Process

Mgozi, Thembayena / Weeks, Richard

Cloud Computing Impact on Healthcare in South Africa

Li, Shun-Cai / Tan, Pan Pan / Liu, Feng Zhu

The Empirical Study of Relationship Factors and Cooperative
R&D Performance-Based on the Perspective of Cooperation Experience
and Data in China

Li, Shun-Cai / Liu, Feng Zhu

The Empirical Study of R&D Input- Output Level in
Different Industries —Based on the Data from Evaluation of the
Enterprise Technology Center

Weeks, Richard

Service Management in Highly Competitive Contexts of Tumultuous Change 

Joubert, Francois / Pretorius, Leon

Simulating Risks in a Capital Project Portfolio

Letaba, Petrus / Pretorius, Tinus / Pretorius, Leon

Technology Roadmapping and Roadmaps in a Context of Developing Countries: A Conceptual Framework

Njenge, Lusanda / Vemeulen, Andre / Pretorius, Jan-Harm

Total Quality Management Adoption by Process Engineering Design Firms in South Africa

Wang, Nannan / Yao, Shengnan / Wu, Chin-Chia / Jiang, Dongdong

Critical Factors for Sustainable Project Management in Public Projects

Ogano, Noah / Pretorius, Leon

Managing Project Risks in the Electricity Industry in Africa

Erasmus, Jonnro / Pretorius, Jan-Harm / Wessels, Arie

An Integrated Process Framework for Engineering Endeavours

Li, Shun-Cai / Cheng, Ling

The Empirical Study of the Impact of R&D Human Resource Investment on Innovation Performance

Malan, Cillie / Pretorius, Leon

Decision Support Framework for Infrastructure Strategies

Walwyn, David / Bester, Nigel / Jongihlati, Babalwa

Renegotiating the Role of Public Health R&D

Hanna, Frederico / Neto, Cesar Goncalves

The Oil and Gas Innovation System in Brazil: Characterization and Evaluation

Platzek, Bernd / Pretorius, Leon

Corporate Entrepreneurship Education: Individual and Organizational Entrepreneurial Learning

Moyo, Dudu / Chan, Kai-Ying / van Waveren, Cornelis Cristo

The Impact of Intra-Organisational Networks on Learning and Performance at Individual and Team Level

Cancino, Christian / La Paz, Ariel / Ramaprasad, Arkalgud / Syn, Thant

Management of Technological Innovations for Sustainable Growth: An Ontology Meta-Analysis

Salerno, Mario Sergio / Gomes, Leonardo Augusto De Vasconcelos / Brasil, Vinicius Chagas

Valuation of Innovation Projects with High Uncertainty: Reasons Behind the Implementation of Real Options

Tell, Joakim

Organising Principles of Learning Networks in HEI-based Management Training

Kerschenbauer, Jochen / Mühlburger, Herbert / Grasser, Dominik

Management Control Systems in Post-Incubation of High
Technology Start-ups: Determination of Relevance and Design of a Future

Gabriel, Kátia / Barros, António Chivanga / Correia, Maria Joana Neiva

Study of Molar Ratio in Biodiesel Production from Palm Oil

Ibrahim, Asmaa / El-Nawawy, Mohamed

A Study of Adopting Big Data to Cloud Computing

Hörlesberger, Marianne / Kriszt, Brigitte / Hribernik, Bruno

Foresight for the Enabling Technologies Materials

Pietrovski, Eliane / Dos Reis, Dálcio / Cunha, Sieglinde / Kovaleski, Joao / Rasoto, Vanessa Ishikawa

Sectorial Innovation System of the Electronics Sector in Brazil

Sjödin, David Rönnberg / Frishammar, Johan

The Role of Individuals for Absorptive Capacity in Industrial R&D

Dos Reis, Dálcio / Da Cunha, Sieglinde / Lobo Cortopassi Goron, Rodrigo / Soares, Juliano Lima

Sectorial Innovation System: Publishing Industry in Brazil

Jonker, Willem / Brent, Alan / Musango, Josephine

Modelling the Production of Biofuel Within the Western Cape Province, South Africa

Agwa-Ejon, John / Mbohwa, Charles

Financial Challenges Faced by SMMEs in Gauteng South Africa

Tambo, Torben / Ostergaard, Klaus

Validity of Business Strategy as Driver in Technology Management – A Critical Discussion

Canuto, Kleber / Cherobim, Ana Paula Mussi Szabo

Categories and Characteristics of Professional Profiles of the Future to the ICT Sector of Parana State in Brazil

Gussen, Clarissa / Figueiredo, Kleber / Araújo, Claudia

Managing Transplantation Processes Through Lean Principles

Lenka, Sambit / Parida, Vinit / Sjödin, David Rönnberg / Wincent, Joakim / Eriksson, Joakim

Role Conflicts in R&D Units Undergoing PSS Transition

van Niekerk, J.B. Smit / Brent, Alan / Musango, Josephine

Agriculture Sector Implications of a Green Economy Transition in the Western Cape Province of South Africa

York, TA / Brent, Alan / Musango, Josephine

Infrastructure Implications of a Green Economy Transition in the Western Cape Province of South Africa

Pataci, Hilal / Danilovi, Mike / Lihua Liu, Jasmine / Hoveskog, Maya / Halila, Fawzi

Exploring the Dynamics of the Wind Energy Industry

Kiel, Daniel / Arnold, Christian / Baccarella, Christian / Voigt, Kai-Ingo / Hoffmann, David

Technology Identification in Relation to Embedded Systems

Bouwer, Louis 

Capabilities-Driven Innovation ManagementTM: Conceptual Framework to Manage the Innovation Ecosystem

Schuh, Günther / Guo, Daojing

Framework for Developing a Context Based Technology Planning Approach for Managing Discontinuous Technological Change

Malik, Pravir / Pretorius, Leon / Winzker, Dietmar

A Mathematical Basis for Innovation

Kruger, Jan / Araújo, Claudia

Motivating Factors in Hospital Environmental Management Programs

Pienaar, Aliza / Brent, Alan / Musango, Josephine

Water Resource Implications of a Green Economy Transition in
the Western Cape Province of South Africa: Modelling Approach Review

Morel, Laure / Dupont, Laurent / Lhoste, Pascal

When Innovation Supported by Fab Labs Becomes a Tool for the
Territorial Economic Development : Example of the First Mobile Fab Lab
in France.

Sobanke, Victor Oluwasina / Okogun, Oluwanishola Abiodun / Egbetokun, Abiodun / Ologeh, Idowu Oluropo

Developing Country Industrialisation Programme: Inferences From State-Owned Industrial Estate

Okorhi, Johnson / Amadi-Echendu, Joe / Aderemi, Helen / Otejere, Joseph

Technology Paradigm for e-Waste Management in South-Eastern Nigeria

Li, Changhua / Pretorius, Leon / Wang, Yanli

Project Management Innovation Based on Building Information Modelling

Boly, Vincent / Camargo, Mauricio / Galvez, Daniel / Claire, Johan
How to adapt the innovation process to the context and objectives of the project

Schuh, Günther / Bräkling, André / Drescher, Toni

Configuration Model for Focused Crawlers in Technology Intelligence

Range, Justy / Leonard, Awie

A Conceptual Framework Explaining Progressive Trust Formation Within South African Fresh Produce Markets

Mbuyisa, Busi / Leonard, Awie

ICT Adoption in SMEs for the Alleviation of Poverty

Muyengwa, Goodwell / Marowa, Yvonie

Analyzing Adoption of Maintenance Strategies in Manufacturing Companies

Mabizela, Siyabonga Thami / Oosthuizen, Gert Adriaan / Pretorius, Jan-Harm

Continuous Process Improvement Applied to an Engineering Education System

Jura, Dudley / Oosthuizen, Gert Adriaan / Pretorius, Jan-Harm

The Evolution of Quality Management Systems to Assist Manufacturing Entrepreneurs in Incubation Clusters

Miya, Lungisani / Grobbelaar, Sara

Risk-Based Maintenance of Physical Assets of Water Infrastructure: A Case Study of a Municipality

Lemus-Aguilar, Isaac / Hidalgo, Antonio / Cagliano, Raffaella

Innovation in Consulting Firms: What are the Foundations?

Bagno, Raoni Barros / Salerno, Mario Sergio / Dias, Ana Valeria Carneiro

The Emergence of Innovation Function in Brazilian Companies

Marowa, Yvonie / Muyengwa, Goodwell

Risk Assessment in Infrastructural Projects

Bronzeri, Marcia de Souza / Tonet, Ernandes / Lobo, Rodrigo Cortopassi Goron / Da Cunha, Seglinde Kindl

Pharmaceutical Industry Development in Brazilian Health Innovation Systems

Okorhi, Johnson / Amadi-Echendu, Joe / Aderemi, Helen

Towards Use of Biodegradable Materials as Electro-Components

Krause, Willie / Schutte, Corne

A Framework Towards An Open Innovation Approach For SMEs

Fanta, Getnet Bogale / Pretorius, Leon / Erasmus, Louwrence

An Evaluation of eHealth Systems Implementation Frameworks
for Sustainability in Resource Constrained Environments: A Literature

Butcher, Craig / Schutte, Corne

Technology Selection Framework for Port Development Projects

Ungerer, Gerard / Schutte, Corne

An Integrated Perspective On Sources of E-Value

Smit, Daniel / Pretorius, Tinus

Measuring the Level of Technological Innovation

Silva, Minelle / Fritz, Morgane / Nunes, Breno

Sustainability and Supply Chain Management: Publications in Brazil

Mbatha, Lindani / Grobbelaar, Sara

Measuring and Reporting Benefits of Strategic Sourcing of Technology: A Case Study

Surie, Gita

Creating a Renewable Energy Ecosystem: Evidence from India

Wayiti, Silvester / Visser, Jacobus Krige

An Investigation of Diagnostic, Prognostic and Structural Health Monitoring Systems in Asset Management

Khan, Kifayat Ullah / Iqbal, Javid

Strategic Planning for E-Learning Implementation in Higher Education Sector

van Niekerk, Gerhard / van der Lingen, Elma

Does Management Education Affect the Entrepreneurial Tendency of Students?

Andreis, Diogo Batista / Cziulik, Carlos

A Model for Manufacturing Systems Definition at Early Stages of Design Process

Rawat, Anil

SI 2 - Trajectory of Change: Adapting India’s National
Innovation System for Sustainable Development & Inclusive Growth

Ghoochkanloo, Saeedeh

FDI, Efficient Technology Transfer Strategy in Developing Countries (Iran Case Study)

Li, Shun-Cai / Cheng, Ling / Feng-Zhu, Liu

The Analysis of Innovation Efficiency of Enterprises in Hubei Province Based on DEA Method

Lombard, Maggie / Barnard, Helena

Indirect Social Capital and Open Innovation

Engelmann, Wilson / Von Hohendorff, Raquel

The "Compliance Programs" as an Alternative to Business
Management to Deal With the Right To Consumer Information and with the
Risks Brought by Nanotechnology

Milano, Manoelle / Giostri, Elsa / Hatakeyama, Kazuo

Practices of Knowledge Management: Analysis in Companies Located in Brazil

Pretorius, Mathys Andries / Schutte, Corne

Cooperative Venture Capital Model: Engineering an Innovation Pipeline

Alcantar, Julio / Ngwenyama, Ojelanki

Top Management Capabilities for SME's Market Entry Decisions

Bilha, Vitor Meira / Beltrão, Paulo André De Camargo / Pintaúde, Giuseppe / Beltrão, Victor / Picinin, Claudia Tania

Internal Conic Surface Grinding Process Analysis in EURO5 Diesel Nozzles

Picinin, Claudia Tania / Stankowitz, Rosângela De Fátima / Pron, Marcelo Weishaupt / Pedroso, Bruno / Rasoto, Vanessa

Labor In Post-Industrial Society: A Reading of Drucker and De Masi Theories

van der Walt, JC / Erasmus, Louwrence

Electronic Medical Records System User Acceptance

Feller, Nina

The Influence of Team Characteristics on Organizational Routines in the Technology Identification and Evaluation

Jabalbarezisarbijan, Asghar / Golhosseini, Somayeh / Marangi, Fatemeh

The Conceptual Role of Cyber Systems in Virtual R&D

Ramashala, Palesa / Pretorius, Tinus / Steyn, Herman

Effective Strategy Execution to Realise Shareholder Value: A Proposed Framework for Management

Sunjka, Bernadette / Emwanu, Bruno

Risk Management in Manufacturing SMEs in South Africa

Hartmann, Dieter / Mauda, Rofhiwa

Who Runs This Place? An Analysis of the Leadership of Public Hospitals in South Africa

Moolla, Sumaiyah / Hattingh, Teresa

Creating the Right Expectations: Department of Human Settlements

Khalil, Tarek

A Model of Research and Entrepreneurial University for Developing Nations: The Case of Nile University

Goronga, Andrew / Hattingh, Teresa

Understanding the Inventory Iceberg: Benchmarking a Steel Manufacturer

Dieme, Bouba / Amadi-Echendu, Joe

A Desktop Study of Trends in Computing and Associated Business Models

Malele, Vusumuzi / Mpofu, Khumbulani / Muchie, Mammo

Bridging the Innovation Chasm: Students’ Understanding of the Concept of Patent

Amojee, Daoud / Steyn, Jasper

The Influence of Supply Chain Sources of Technology and
Knowledge on Innovation in Developing Country Automotive Component

Madzhie, Fulufhelo / Adeyeri, Michael Kanisuru / Mpofu, Khumbulani

Algorithm for Development of Early Warning System for Productivity Performance Measurement

Kamp, Linda Manon / Ortt, Roland / Harahap, Boma

Barriers and Strategies for Innovations Entering BOP Markets

Tambo, Torben / Enevoldsen, Peter

Towards a Framework for Evaluation of Renewable Energy
Storage Projects: A study Case of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in Denmark

Yue, Xin / Sun, Guodong

Influence of Government Supports on Technology Innovation Process: The Case of Li-Ion Battery in the United States

Placzek, Markus / Eberling, Christian / Gausemeier, Jürgen

Conception of a Knowledge Management System for Technologies

Horta, Alberto / De Almeida, Luis Fernando / Monteiro, Rita De Cassia / Monteiro, Diego

A Proposal of a Game for Education and Environmental Consciousness

Ribeiro, José Luis Duarte / Cortimiglia, Marcelo
Nogueira / Pretto, Carlos Oliva / Werberich, Bruno Rocha / Correa,
Cristian Hans / Danilevicz, Ângela De Moura Ferreira

Web-based Information System for Innovation Management in a Brazilian Electrical Company

Alvarez, José / Hatakeyama, Kazuo

Technological and Absorption Capacity in a Solar Energy Cluster

Cortimiglia, Marcelo Nogueira / Delcourt, Charlotte
Isabelle Maxime / de Oliveira, Daniel Thomé / Correa, Cristian Hans /
Danilevicz, Ângela De Moura Ferreira

A Systematic Literature Review on Firm Level Innovation Management Systems

Kamp, Linda Manon / Forn, Esteban Bermudez

Bottlenecks and Drivers in Ethiopia's Domestic Biogas Sector

Swart, Gerhard

Lessons Learned from the Joule EV Development

Otejere, Joseph / Amadi-Echendu, Joe / Okorhi, Johnson /

Assessment of Innovation-Activities of SMEs in Niger-Delta Nigeria

Mostert, El-Marie / de Bruyn, Erika / Pretorius, Gaby

What Should the Perfect Online Assessment System Look Like?

Picinin, Claudia Tania / Pilatti, Luiz Alberto / Kovaleski, João Luiz / Graeml, Alexandre Reis / Pedroso, Bruno

Analysis of the Technical-Scientific Production of Scholars
Grants CNPQ on Production Engineering in Brazil: An Assessment of the
Years 2007-2009

Rübbelke, Rene / Sőllner, Christoph / Gausemeier, Jürgen

Balancing the Strategic Product Portfolio Based on Market and Competence Needs

Traguetto, Jéssica / Caetano, Mauro

The Use of TRM as a Guiding Tool for the Planning Innovation
in the Development of Eco-Efficient Fuels for Air Transport

Erasmus, Jonnro / Erasmus, Louwrence / Pretorius, Jan-Harm

Towards Unification of the Product and Enterprise System Descriptions

Gutierrez, Kevin Javier Guevara / Argüello, Laura Vanessa Palacios / Jaimes, Adarme Wilson

Restructuration of Logistic Networks: An Industrial Case Study in Colombia

Kachba, Yslene Rocha / Hatakeyama, Kazuo

Competence for Product Development Management in Clothing Firms

Zawislak, Paulo Antônio / Schaeffer, Paola Rücker / Reichert, Fernanda Maciel / Ruffoni, Janaina

Innovative Performance and Capabilities of Interacting Firms

Ndaba, Antony

The Impact of Short Interval Control & Visual Management Concepts to the Organisation's Operational Performance

Paswan, Rajiv / Sinha, Kunal

Automobile Innovation Technology in Emerging Nations With a Special Reference to India and South Africa

Zhou, Shuiyin / Li, Miao / Kong, Pengju

The Relationship Among Control, Supply Chain Collaboration and Business Performance

Laseinde, Opeyeolu / Mpofu, Khumbulani

Postal Industry: Review and Reengineering Framework for Sustainable Growth

Chiromo, Forbes / Nel, Andre / Sebele, Tumelo

Lean Manufacturing Challenges in a South African Clothing Company

Pagliarino, Elena

Innovative Logistics and Supply Chain Management for Sustainable Food Public Procurement

Almeida, Maria Fatima / De Moraes, Carlos Augusto

Designing a Technology Innovation Platform for Oncological Drugs: An Integrated Foresight Framework

Duminy, Lize / Brent, Alan / Musango, Josephine

Commercial Fishing and Aquaculture Implications of a Green Economy Transition in the Western Cape

Leite, Luiz Fernando / Mendes, Flavia Maria Lins / Parreiras, Viviane Masseran / Gomes, Flavio / Wiezel, Jonas

Developing a Technology Readiness Assessment Methodology for an Energy Company

Sousa-E-Silva, Clarice Mara / Moriguchi, Stella Naomi / Lopes, José Eduardo Ferreira

Proposing a Model for Measuring the Perceived Value for B2B Logistics Environment

Ejim-Eze, Emmanuel / Amadi-Echendu, Joe

Open Innovation for Automobile Component Manufacturing SMEs in Nigeria

Chiromo, Forbes / Nel, Andre / Binda, Nompumelelo

Supplier Selection Process at a South African Clothing Company

Deradjat, Dominik / Minshall, Tim

Implementation of Additive Manufacturing Technologies for Mass Customisation

Blignaut, Francois / Thopil, George

Delivering Business Value Through the Implementation of Enterprise Mobility – The Case of Eskom

Barbieux, Denise / Zawislak, Paulo Antônio / Padula, Antônio Domingos / Camboim, Guilherme Freitas

Disclosing the Development Capabilities of the Firm

Moriguchi, Stella Naomi / Barbon Jr, Sylvio / Murakami, Luiz Carlos

Building Relationship Quality in Electronic Commerce

Correa, Cristian Hans / Danilevicz, Angela

Method for Decision Making in the Management of Innovation: Criteria for the Evaluation of Ideas

Pufal, Nathália / Zawislak, Paulo Antônio / Reichert, Fernanda Maciel / Alves, André Cherubini

Management Capability and Innovation: What is the Relationship?

Agostini, Alessandro / Florén, Henrik

The Business Model Innovation Map: A Framework for Analysing Business Model Innovation

Diagne, Serigne / Coulibaly, Amadou / de Beuvron, François De Bertrand

Complex Product Families Maintainability Assessment at Design Stage

Leite, Luiz Fernando / Mendes, Flavia Maria Lins / Schumacher, Suzanne De Oliveira Rodrigues

Lessons Learned About Technology Monitoring in the Solar Photovoltaic Energy Segment

Levandowski, Christoffer / Stig, Daniel Corin / Raudberget, Dag / Johannesson, Hans

Accommodating Emerging Technologies in Existing Product Platforms

Livramento, Tatiana / de Oliveira, Querido / Rodrigues, Marilsa / Moraes, Marcela Barbosa

Scientific Production Analysis of Resilient Enterprises

Dawood, Gibran / Chan, Kai-Ying

The Effect of MTM and the TAM on Innovation Diffusion: A Case in the Construction Industry

Xavier, Amanda Fernandes / Naveiro, Ricardo Manfredi / Aoussat, Améziane

The Eco-Innovation Concepts Through a Strategic Perspective

Echterfeld, Julian / Amshoff, Benjamin / Gausemeier, Jürgen

How to Use Business Model Patterns for Exploiting Disruptive Technologies

Magalhães, Anderson Cruvinel / Shigaki, Helena Belintani / Lopes, Daniel Paulino Teixeira

The Historical-Critical Pedagogy in Business Administration

Stainsack, Cristiane / Forterre, Damien

Innovation In Emerging Markets: Brazilian Productive Sectors Practicing Reverse Innovation?

Ramatsetse, Boitumelo / Olasumbo, Makinde / Mpofu, Khumbulani

Sustainable Management Strategies in Mining Industries: Introduction of Reconfigurable and Adaptable Technologies

Landahl, Jonas / Raudberget, Dag / Johannesson, Hans

Assessing System Maturity of Interacting Product and Manufacturing Alternatives Before Early Technology Commitment

Goncalves, Ada / Cavalheiro, Gabriel

The Impact of Public Policies for Innovation in the Increasing Number of Patents - Brazil and China

Cariola, Monica / Moiso, Valentina / Pagliarino, Elena

A Case of Sustainable Innovation Applied to Textile Industry

Mesquita, Luiza / Alves, Suzana Jaíze

Socioeconomic Development Through ICT Use in Brazilian Enterprises: An Analysis of Labor Force Contribution

Martins, Paula / Plonski, Guilherme

Science Spin-Offs in the Context of Brazilian Academic Entrepreneurship

Steenhuis, Harm-Jan / Pretorius, Leon

Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing and Its Adoption

Staphorst, Leon / Holland, Mike / Pretorius, Leon / Pretorius, Tinus

Impact of Intellectual Property Rights from Publicly Financed
Research and Development on Research Alliance Government Mode Decisions

Koch, Christian / Bennett, David / Markussen, Thomas

Operations Strategy for maintaining competitiveness in a European automotive company

de Almeida, Maria Fatima / de Melo, Maria Angela

Technology, Innovation and Management for Sustainable Growth: A Flexible Toolkit for Strategic Technology Management

Stankowitz, Rosângela / de Carvalho, Hélio Gomes / Dos Reis, Dalcio Roberto / Dergint, Dario / Picinin, Claudia

The Correlation of Organisational Practices for the Creation of Ideas in Suggestion Programmes

Ortiz, Javier Manuel Godenzi

Shared Innovation System Between Industry, University and Government

Hobololo, Vuyisile

Intellectual Property co-ownership and commercialization in public-private partnerships in South Africa

Bigabwa, Ganza / van Waveren, Cornelis Cristo / Chan, Kai-Ying

Knowledge Transfer in Project-Based Organisations: A Meta-Analysis of the Current Issues

Ramirez, Julian Pineres

The Learning Dynamics of External–Internal Knowledge and
Exploitation–Exploration: The Case of SMEs’ Learning-Capacity Building

Yagita, Hiroyuki / Shirasaka, Seiko

Solving Agricultural Challenges in Japan Through Scenario-Based Amorphous Design Approach

Chen, James / Lee, Sheng-Lung / Batchuluun, Amrita / Sheu, Gene

Triple Helix of Management of Technology Education (MOTE): And Empirical Study of a Semiconductor Design Training

Yildirim, Nihan / Simsek, Kübra

Challenges in Open Innovation for IT Companies in Technology Development Zones

Park, Hyun Woo / Sung, Tae-Eung / Kim, Sang-Gook

Strategic Implications of Technology Life Cycle on Technology Commercialization

Majodina, Mark

Influence of climate variability on South African electricity production

Han, Sung-Goo

Innovation Policy Analysis for the Bioeconomy

Kuroda, Tatsuya / Sakata, Ichiro

Identifying the Structure of Research Fields on Venture

Steyn, Herman

Corporate Strategy and Projects - Mind the Gap

Naidoo, Yogan / Pretorius, Jan-Harm / Marnewick, Annlize

An Optimised Portfolio Management Model, Incorporating Best Practices

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