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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Concurrent Engineering Based Vehicle Development Project Management

Journal Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 403 - 408)
Volume MEMS, NANO and Smart Systems
Edited by Li Yuan
Pages 2829-2834
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Yu Bing Li, 2011, Advanced Materials Research, 403-408, 2829
Online since November, 2011
Authors Yu Bing Li
Keywords CET, Concurrent Engineering, New Product Development, Project Management

Concurrent engineering has been used in many OEMs in order to face up to the fierce competition situation. Modular development teams develop common modules which are applied in the same platform-based variants and its product family in order to save design costs and reduce development time. The R&D department should construct a concurrent engineering team to quicken the pace of new product development and to ensure product quality by means of open-loop and close-loop cycle, and frame a platform to frequent communication and quick decision for the concurrent engineering team.

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Concurrent Engineering Based Vehicle Development Project Management

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