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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Fifteen Ways to be Original

Phillips & Pugh 2000

􀁺 Setting down a major piece of new information writing for the first time
􀁺 Continuing a previously original piece of work
􀁺 Carrying out original work designed by the supervisor
􀁺 Providing a single original technique, observation or result in an otherwise
unoriginal but competent piece of research
􀁺 Having many original ideas, methods and interpretations all performed by
others under the direction of the postgraduate
􀁺 Showing originality in testing somebody else's idea
􀁺 Carrying out empirical work that has not been done before
􀁺 Making a synthesis that has not been made before
􀁺 Using already known material but with a new interpretation
􀁺 Trying out something in this country that has previously only been done in
other countries
􀁺 Taking a particular technique and applying it in a new area
􀁺 Bringing new evidence to bear on an old issue
􀁺 Being cross-disciplinary and using different methodologies
􀁺 Examining areas that people in the discipline have not examined before
􀁺 Adding to knowledge in a way that has not been done before
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