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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Oliver Gassmann Publications

Oliver Gassmann

University of St.Gallen · ITEM HSG


  • Getting the most out of your IP - patent management along its life cycle

    Authors: Martin A Bader, Oliver Gassmann, Nicole Ziegler, Frauke Ruether

    Drug discovery today. 11/2011; (published)

    Effectively managing and optimizing the value of the patent portfolio is a major challenge for many firms, especially those in knowledge intensive industries, such as the pharmaceutical,... [more]
  • Why do transnational approaches to international innovation fail?

    Authors: Marcus Matthias Keupp, Oliver Gassmann

    Elsevier, Research in International Business and Finance. 01/2009; 23(2):206-222. (published)

    The transnational corporation paradigm is increasingly at odds with empirical findings regarding international innovation strategies. Analysing a longitudinal case study, we show that a firm's... [more]
  • International innovation and strategic initiatives: A research agenda

    Authors: Marcus M. Keupp, Oliver Gassmann

    Elsevier, Research in International Business and Finance. 01/2009; 23(2):193-205. (published)

    Despite the argument that leveraging the expertise of foreign subsidiaries to the global firm benefits the whole firm's competitive advantage, in the case of international innovation, such leveraging... [more]


    International Journal of Innovation Management. 02/2006; 10(01). (published)

    Corporate incubators for technology development are a recent phenomenon whose functioning and implications are not yet well understood. The resource-based view can offer an explanatory model on how... [more]
  • Corporate Incubators: Industrial R&D and What Universities can Learn from them

    Authors: Barbara Becker, Oliver Gassmann

    The Journal of Technology Transfer. 02/2006; 31(4). (published)

    The explosive growth of incubation has seen a concurrent and significant increase in research on and knowledge of the incubation phenomenon. However, instead of comprehensively differentiating... [more]
  • Market versus technology drive in R&D internationalization: four different patterns of managing research and development

    Authors: Maximilian von Zedtwitz, Oliver Gassmann

    Elsevier, Research Policy. 01/2002; 31(4):569-588. (published)

    Australian and New Zealand environmental economists have played a significant role in the development of concepts and their application across three fields within their subdiscipline: non-market... [more]
  • New concepts and trends in international R&D organization

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Maximilian von Zedtwitz

    02/1999; 28(2-3). (published)

  • So managen Sie die Globalisierung von Technologie und Innovation

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann (published)

  • 80% sind Rekombinationen aus bestehendem Wissen

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Marco Zeschky (published)

  • Die Schweiz im Wettbewerb der Wissensgesellschaft: Was sind die Wirkungen des HFKG?

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Rudolf Minsch (published)

  • Innovieren oder kreativ imitieren?

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann (published)

  • Die Essenz des modernen ganzheitlichen Managements

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann (published)

  • Open Innovation: Hebelwirkung in einer flachen Welt erzielen

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann (published)

  • Patentmanagement

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Martin A. Bader (published)

    Dieses Buch richtet sich an Führungskräfte in den Bereichen Innovation, F&E und Patentmanagement. Wissenschaftlern und Studenten bietet das Buch anwendungsorientierte Impulse zu den Ausprägungen des... [more]
  • One Valuation fits all? Wie Europas innovativste Unternehmen Technologien und Patente bewerten

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Martin A. Bader, Angela Beckenbauer, Jutta Menninger, Ekaterina Lohwasser, Thomas König (published)

    Eine vom Institut für Technologiemanagement der Universität St.Gallen und dessen Innovations- und Intellectual Property Management Spin-off BGW im Auftrag von PricewaterhouseCoopers durchgeführte... [more]
  • One Valuation fits all? How Europe's most innovative companies valuate technologies and patents

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Martin A. Bader, Angela Beckenbauer, Jutta Menninger, Ekaterina Lohwasser, Thomas König (published)

    Innovations and patents make important contributions towards corporate success. A survey on the top 500 patent applicants of the European Patent Office on behalf of PricewaterhouseCoopers conducted... [more]
  • Crossing the Industry-Line: Breakthrough Innovation through Cross-Industry Alliances with 'Non-Suppliers'

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Marco Zeschky, Timo Wolff, Martin Stahl (published)

    Past research on alliances has elaborated on the motives, determinants and benefits of cooperative relationships between firms. Notwithstanding their benefits, alliances entail mutual dependence on... [more]
  • Wir dürfen uns nicht abschotten

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann (published)

    Die Globalisierung macht auch vor der F&E nicht Halt. Während andere Funktionen wie Vertrieb, Markeiting, Produktion und Logistik bereits eine lange Internationalisierungsgeschichte haben, wurde die... [more]
  • Der Crowdsourcing Prozess

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Michael Daiber, Louise Muhdi (published)

  • Advertising New Products: Exploring the Effects of Information and Product Complexity on Consumers` Responses

    Authors: Antonia Erz, Torsten Tomczak, Oliver Gassmann (published)

  • Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights in Weak Appropriability Regimes

    Authors: Marcus Matthias Keupp, Angela Beckenbauer, Oliver Gassmann (published)

    Many emerging economies are characterised by weak appropriability systems and absent legal systems to punish imitators. This places foreign firms' intellectual property rights at risk, because... [more]
  • Mit dem Aikido-Prinzip bestehende Geschäftsmodelle aushebeln

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Sascha Friesike, Georg Oschmann (published)

    Abgeleitet aus dem japanischen Kampfsport Aikido, stellen die Autoren eine Methodik vor, wie das bestehende Geschäftsmodell weiterentwickelt wird. Damit können Innovationen hervorgebracht werden,... [more]
  • Praxiswissen Projektmanagement

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann (published)

    Praxisorientierte Einführung in das Projektmanagement mit den Themen: Grundlagen; Projektorganisation; Planung, Steuerung, Kontrolle; Projektentscheidungen; Führung von Projektteams; Kreativität in... [more]
  • Negative side effects of customer integration

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Christoph Kausch, Ellen Enkel (published)

    On the basis of extensive research and empirical studies, the paper illustrates different integration methods, negative side effects of customer integration, and measures to avoid them.
  • Integrating customers in product innovation: Lessons from industrial development contractors and in-house contractors in rapidly changing customer markets

    Authors: Patricia Sandmeier, Pamela D. Morrison, Oliver Gassmann (published)

    Successful product innovation has increasingly been recognized as an outcome of integrating customers into the new product development (NPD) process. In this paper, we explore customer integration by... [more]
  • Negative Side Effects of Customer Integration

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Ellen Enkel, Christoph Kausch (published)

  • Neue Ideenquellen erschliessen - Die Chancen von Open Innovation

    Authors: Ellen Enkel, Oliver Gassmann (published)

    Open Innovation ist eine neue Strategie im Innovationsmanagement. Sie zielt darauf ab, externe Wissensquellen stärker zu nutzen.
  • R&D Reputation and Corporate Brand Value

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Wolf Rumsch, Erich Rütsche, Martin A. Bader (published)

  • Innovationsstandort Schweiz

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Peter Hürzeler (published)

    Der Artikel ordnet die Schweiz unter dem Gesichtspunkt der Innovationsleistung anhand ausgewählter Input- und Outputgrössen in einen europäischen Kontext ein. Das Land hat sich durch die Leistungen... [more]
  • The \"silver market in Europe\": Myth or reality?

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Marcus Matthias Keupp (published)

    The European Union is currently facing many challenges related to the current demographic developments which imply both increasing life expectancy as well as low birth rates. These demographic... [more]
  • The Cross-Industry Innovation Process – Developing Break-Through Cross-Industry Innovation with Analogical Thinking

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Marco Zeschky (published)

    In this article we investigate the approach of analogical thinking for product innovation. We collected data of projects from four engineering firms where analogical thinking was successfully applied... [more]
  • Globale Innovationsprozesse: Eine Tatsache, trotz Widerständen

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann (published)

    Die Forschung und Entwicklung ist zu einem globalen Dorf geworden. Unternehmen, die dies negieren, werden kaum überleben.
  • Dodo Portfolios vermeiden

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Sascha Friesike (published)

    Krisen und Rezession führen in der Regel dazu, dass Ressourcen reduziert werden. 'Lean Management' wird zum Mantra der Unternehmensberater und Top Manager. Dabei werden einige Unter-nehmen so schlank... [more]
  • The Role of Intermediaries in Cross-Industry Innovation Processes

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Michael Daiber, Ellen Enkel (published)

  • Enabling and Sustaining Exploration Activities in balanced Structures: Lonza's Approach to Controlling its Innovation Portfolio

    Authors: Michael Daiber, Marco Zeschky, Oliver Gassmann (published)

  • An Empirical Study of the Antecedents for Radical Product Innovations and Capabilities of Transformation

    Authors: Andreas Herrmann, Oliver Gassmann, U. Eisert

    University of St.Gallen. (published)

  • Radikale Innovation ist nicht planbar wie ein Produktionsprozess

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Marco Zeschky

    University of St.Gallen. (published)

  • Dem Zufall auf die Sprünge helfen

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Marco Zeschky

    University of St.Gallen. (published)

    Radikale Innovationen verhelfen zu Wettbewerbsvorteilen und können Branchengrenzen sprengen, wie die Beispiele NetJets, Hiltis Laserdistanzmessgerät, Starbucks oder Ryan Air zeigen. Eine Möglichkeit,... [more]
  • Neue Grenzen für Innovation

    Authors: Lydia Ebersbach, Sven Reinecke, Oliver Gassmann

    University of St.Gallen. (published)

  • Subsidiary anti-nitiatives: Why do foreign subsidiaries decide to not leverage expertise to the firm?

    Authors: Marcus Matthias Keupp, Oliver Gassmann

    University of St.Gallen. (published)

    Research on subsidiary initiatives has focussed a lot on the positive aspects of such initiatives for both the subsidiary and the global firm. In this paper we question the underlying assump-tion of... [more]
  • Why don't you use it: The under-utilisation problem of international R&D

    Authors: Marcus Matthias Keupp, Oliver Gassmann

    University of St.Gallen. (published)

    By this paper we explore an interesting and paradoxical phenomenon: Despite firms possessing and controlling resources to conduct internaitonal R&D, most innovations still come from headquarters.... [more]
  • Safeguarding intellectual property rights in emerging economies: The case of factual protection strategies in China

    Authors: Marcus Matthias Keupp, Oliver Gassmann

    University of St.Gallen. (published)

    Many emerging economies are characterised by a weak appropriability system and the ab-sence of a strong legal system that effectively punishes imitators. In such environments, for-eign firms'... [more]
  • Beyond the TNC paradigm in research on international innovation

    Authors: Marcus Matthias Keupp, Oliver Gassmann

    University of St.Gallen. (published)

    Recent advances in international management theory as well as new empirical findings cast doubts on the explanatory validity of Bartlett and Ghoshal's para-digm of the transnational corporation (TNC)... [more]
  • Protection without patents: How firms in China earn rents from innovation by 'factual' protection

    Authors: Marcus Matthias Keupp, Oliver Gassmann

    University of St.Gallen. (published)

    In this contribution we analyse how the managers of foreign firms in China craft strategies to protect their intellectual property rights (IPR). We show that a 'mo-dernist' perspective would predict... [more]
  • Handbuch Technologie- und Innovationsmanagement

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Söhnke Albers (published)

  • Management von Innovation und Risiko

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Carmen Kobe (published)

  • Extreme Innovation

    Authors: Patricia Sandmeier, Oliver Gassmann

    University of St.Gallen. (published)

  • Corporate Incubators: Industrial R&D and What Universities can learn from them

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Barbara Becker

    University of St.Gallen. (published)

  • Gaining Leverage Effects from Knowledge Modes with Corporate Incubators

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Barbara Becker

    University of St.Gallen. (published)

  • Extreme Customer Innovation in the Front End: Learning from a New Software Paradigm

    Authors: Oliver Gassmann, Patricia Sandmeier, Christoph Wecht

    University of St.Gallen. (published)

    The front-end phase of the innovation process constitutes up to two-thirds of the total cost of new product development (NPD). In response to the new open innovation paradigm, new ways to integrate... [more]

Oliver Gassmann

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