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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Global Online Meetings in Virtual Teams –from Media Choice to Interaction Negotiation

Pongolini, Malin (University West, Department of Economics and IT, Divison of Informatics)
Lundin, Johan (Avdelningen för tillämpad IT, Göteborgs universitet)
Svensson, Lars (University West, Department of Economics and IT, Division of Computer Science and Informatics)

Abstract(en) :

This paper draws on an ethnographical study of a community of technology experts within a global automotive manufacturing company that uses information technology to communicate and collaborate in global virtual teams. Our findings show that discussions, negotiations, compromises and joint problem solving characterize media choices made in virtual teamwork. Practitioners are adding new media to ongoing interactions, rather than using media in sequence. Furthermore, one medium is not used exclusively, rather a number of media can be used in parallel. This shows that some of the fundamental assumptions built into the concept of media choice theories, are somewhat problematic as an analytical perspective when virtual teams are researched in real settings outside of laboratories and hypothetical scenarios.

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