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Monday, 5 November 2012

JEL Classification: O3 - Technological Change; Research and Development - Munich Personal RePEc Archive

JEL Classification: O3 - Technological Change; Research and Development

Number of items at this level: 190.
Barge-Gil, Andrés and López, Alberto (2012): R&D Determinants: accounting for the differences between research and development. Unpublished.
Fulvio , Castellacci (2012): Business Groups, Innovation and Institutional Voids in Latin America. Unpublished.
Chen, Yongmin; Pan, Shiyuan and Zhang, Tianle (2012): (When) Do Stronger Patents Increase Continual Innovation? Unpublished.
Schilirò, Daniele (2012): Italian medium-sized enterprises and the fourth capitalism. Unpublished.
Aristovnik, Aleksander (2012): The impact of ICT on educational performance and its efficiency in selected EU and OECD countries: a non-parametric analysis. Published in: The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology , Vol. 3, No. 11 (01. July 2012): pp. 144-152.
Wang, Chan (2012): A very preliminary survey on growth and development. Unpublished.
Favaro, Donata; Ninka, Eniel and Turvani, Margherita (2012): Productivity in innovation: the role of inventor connections and mobility. Unpublished.
Paz, Lourenco (2012): Trade liberalization and inter-industry productivity spillovers: an analysis of the 1989-1998 Brazilian trade liberalization episode. Unpublished.
Barajas, A.; Huergo, E. and Moreno, L. (2012): The Impact of International Research Joint Ventures on SMEs Performance. Unpublished.
Blom, Martin; Castellacci, Fulvio and Fevolden, Arne (2012): Defence firms facing liberalization: innovation and export in an agent-based model of the defence industry. Unpublished.
Castellacci, Fulvio and Fevolden, Arne (2012): Capable companies or changing markets? Explaining the export performance of firms in the defence industry. Unpublished.
Carfì, David; Bagileri, Daniela and Dagnino, Gianbattista (2012): Asymmetric R&D alliances and coopetitive games. Unpublished.
Aldieri, Luigi (2011): Knowledge spillovers and productivity in Italian manufacturing firms. Unpublished.
Montalvo, Carlos and Moghayer, Saeed (2011): State of an innovation system: theoretical and empirical advance towards an innovation efficiency index. Unpublished.
Evers, Hans-Dieter (2011): Knowledge cluster formation as a science policy: lessons learned. Unpublished.
Basu, Sujata and Mehra, Meeta K (2011): Endogenous human capital formation, distance to frontier and growth. Unpublished.
Barge-Gil, Andrés (2011): Open strategies and innovation performance. Unpublished.
Mohd Safian, Edie Ezwan; Bagdad, Mariati and Nawawi, Abdul Hadi (2011): The characteristics of purpose built offices in Malaysia: a review of issues. Published in: (05. July 2011)
Chen, Yongmin (2011): Refusal to Deal, Intellectual Property Rights, and Antitrust. Unpublished.
Banerjee, Rajabrata (2011): Population growth and endogenous technological change: Australian economic growth in the long run. Unpublished.
Barge-Gil, Andrés and López, Alberto (2011): R versus D: Estimating the differentiated effect of research and development on innovation results. Unpublished.
Sharma, Chandan (2011): R&D and productivity in the Indian pharmaceutical firms. Unpublished.
Block, Joern and Spiegel, Frank (2011): Family Firms and Regional Innovation Activity: Evidence from the German Mittelstand. Unpublished.
Cristea, Anca D. (2011): Buyer-Seller Relationships in International Trade: Evidence from U.S. States' Exports and Business-Class Travel. Forthcoming in: Journal of International Economics
Rahmouni, Mohieddine (2011): Perception des obstacles aux activités d'innovation dans les entreprises tunisiennes. Unpublished.
Akhabbar, Amanar (2011): Anne P. Carter: a Biographical Presentation. Forthcoming in:
Castellacci, Fulvio and Natera, Jose Miguel (2011): A new panel dataset for cross-country analyses of national systems, growth and development (CANA). Forthcoming in:
Fernandes, Cristina and Ferreira, João (2011): Knowledge Spillovers and Knowledge Intensive Business Services: An Empirical Study. Unpublished.
Lepratte, Leandro (2011): Sistemas sociotécnicos, innovación y desarrollo. Unpublished.
Ale Ebrahim, Nader; Ahmed, Shamsuddin; Salwa Hanim, Salwa Hanim and Taha, Zahari (2011): Technology Use in the Virtual R&D Teams. Published in: American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences , Vol. 5, No. 1 (31. January 2012): pp. 9-14.
Caregari, Davide (2010): Diritti di proprietà intellettuale: sviluppi recenti e prospettive di riforma. Unpublished.
Pinto, Hugo (2010): Knowledge Production in European Union: Evidence from a National Level Panel Data. Unpublished.
Gonçalves, Vitor and Pinto, Hugo (2010): A Importância da I&D e da Variedade de Capitalismo na Capitalização em Bolsa: Evidência Econométrica das Maiores Empresas Europeias em 2008. Unpublished.
Evers, Hans-Dieter; Gerke, Solvay and Menkhoff, Thomas (2010): Knowledge Clusters and Knowledge Hubs: Designing Epistemic Landscapes for Development. Published in: Journal of Knowledge Managementg , Vol. 14, No. 5 : pp. 678-689.
Shafaeddin, Mehdi (2010): The Role of China in Regional South-South Trade in Asia-Pacific: Prospects for industrialization of the low-income countries. Unpublished.
Menezes, Jose H. V. (2010): The political economy of innovation; an institutional analysis of industrial policy and development in Brazil. Unpublished.
Colistete, Renato P. (2010): Revisiting Import-Substituting Industrialisation in Post-War Brazil. Unpublished.
Ale Ebrahim, Nader; Ahmed, Shamsuddin and Taha, Zahari (2010): Virtual R&D teams and SMEs growth: A comparative study between Iranian and Malaysian SMEs. Published in: African Journal of Business Management , Vol. 4, No. 11 (04. September 2010): pp. 2368-2379.
Yawson, Robert M. and Kuzma, Jennifer (2010): Evidence review and experts’ opinion on consumer acceptance of agrifood nanotechnology. Published in: International Conference on Food and Agricultural Applications of Nanotechnologies, Sao Carlos, Brazil, : pp. 1-23.
Wesseler, Justus; Smyth, Stuart J. and Scatasta, Sara (2010): Overview of special issue from the 2009 ICABR Conference. Published in: AgBioForum , Vol. 2, No. 13 (June 2010): pp. 95-97.
Ale Ebrahim, Nader; Ahmed, Shamsuddin; Abdul Rashid, Salwa Hanim and Taha, Zahari (2010): The Effectiveness of Virtual R&D Teams in SMEs: Experiences of Malaysian SMEs. Published in: In: The 11th Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Systems Conference (APIEMS 2010), Melaka, Malaysia. (09. December 2010): pp. 1-6.
Ale Ebrahim, Nader; Ahmed, Shamsuddin; Abdul Rashid, Salwa Hanim and Taha, Zahari (2010): Virtual R&D Teams: A potential growth of education-industry collaboration. Published in: In: 2010 2nd International Congress on Engineering Education (ICEED 2010), 8th - 9th December Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (08. December 2010): pp. 7-9.
Ale Ebrahim, Nader; Ahmed, Shamsuddin and Taha, Zahari (2010): SMEs; Virtual research and development (R&D) teams and new product development: A literature review. Published in: International Journal of the Physical Sciences , Vol. 5, No. 7 (July 2010): pp. 916-930.
Ghafele, Roya (2010): Die Institutionalisierung von Wissensbeständen in Österreich. Die Diskrepanz zwischen wirtschaftlicher Realität und Politik. Published in: Diskussions Papier Rat fuer Forschung und Technologie Entwicklung , Vol. 3, No. 3 (16. May 2010): pp. 1-39.
Huergo, E and Moreno, L (2010): Does history matter for the relationship between R&D, Innovation and Productivity? Unpublished.
Yawson, Robert M. (2010): Ethics of conducting qualitative social science research in the emerging field of nanotechnology. Published in: Organizational Leadership Policy & Development, University of Minnesota
Waśniewski, Krzysztof (2010): Patterns of technological progress and corporate innovation. Unpublished.
Archibugi, Daniele and Filippetti, Andrea (2010): The globalisation of intellectual property rights: four learned lessons and four theses. Published in: Global Policy , Vol. 1, No. 2 (May 2010): pp. 137-149.
Gogodze, Joseph and Uridia, Merab (2010): Georgian Research and Development System in 1996-2005. Forthcoming in: Caucasus Journal of Social Sciences
Filippetti, Andrea and Archibugi, Daniele (2010): Innovation in Times of Crisis: The Uneven Effects of the Economic Downturn across Europe. Unpublished.
Morero, Hernán (2010): Internacionalización, Tramas Productivas y Sistema Nacional de Innovación. Published in: Journal of Technology Management & Innovation , Vol. 5, No. 3 (November 2010): pp. 142-161.
Filippetti, Andrea and Peyrache, Antonio (2010): The Dynamic of Technological Capabilities of Countries: A Dual Approach Using Composite Indicators & Data Envelopment Analysis. Unpublished.
Clipa, Paul (2010): Inovarea. Stat si Corporatii. Unpublished.
Block, Joern; Sandner, Philipp and De Vries, Geertjan (2010): Venture capital and the financial crisis: an empirical study across industries and countries. Unpublished.
Yawson, Robert M. and Sutherland, Alistair J. (2010): Institutionalising Performance Management in R&D Organisations: Key Concepts and Aspects. Published in: Journal of Social Sciences , Vol. 22, No. 3 (2010): pp. 163-172.
Ale Ebrahim, Nader; Ahmed, Shamsuddin and Taha, Zahari (2010): Critical factors for new product developments in SMEs virtual team. Published in: African Journal of Business Management , Vol. 4, No. 11 (04. September 2010): pp. 2247-2257.
Wedemeier, Jan (2010): The impact of creativity on growth in German regions. Unpublished.
Castellacci, Fulvio (2010): The internationalization of firms in the service industries: channels, determinants and sectoral patterns. Published in: Technological Forecasting and Social Change , Vol. 77, No. 3 (2010): pp. 500-513.
Chiwenga, Emson F (2010): The role of IPR on maize output in Zimbabwe. Unpublished.
Ale Ebrahim, Nader; Ahmed, Shamsuddin and Taha, Zahari (2009): Envisages of New Product Developments in Small and Medium Enterprises through Virtual Team. Published in: Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Dhaka, Bangladesh (09. January 2010): pp. 1-10.
Schilirò, Daniele (2009): Italian industrial districts: a model of success or a weak productive system? Unpublished.
Barajas, A; Huergo, E and Moreno, L (2009): Measuring the impact of international R&D cooperation: the case of Spanish firms participating in the EU Framework Programme. Unpublished.
Aruga, Osamu (2009): The Allocation of Investment across Vintages of Technology. Unpublished.
Aruga, Osamu (2009): The Allocation of Investment across Vintages of Technology. Unpublished.
Marjit, Sugata; Kabiraj, Tarun and Dutta, Arijita (2009): Strategic Under-utilization of Patents and Entry Deterrence: The Case of Pharmaceutical Industry. Unpublished.
Ţarcă, Naiana; Vatuiu, Teodora and Popa, Adela (2009): The importance of the Web technologies during the communication process between a company and its clients. Unpublished.
Okay, Nesrin and Akman, Ugur (2009): Analysis of ESCO Activities Using Country Indicators. Unpublished.
Evers, Hans-Dieter; Genschick, Sven and Schraven, Benjamin (2009): Constructing Epistemic Landscapes: Methods of GIS-Based Mapping. Published in: ZEF Working Paper Series No. 44 (02. August 2009): pp. 2-18.
Okay, Nesrin; Konukman, Alp Er S. and Akman, Ugur (2009): Analysis of Innovation and Energy Profiles in the Turkish Manufacturing Sector. Unpublished.
Ale Ebrahim, Nader; Ahmed, Shamsuddin and Taha, Zahari (2009): Innovation and R&D Activities in Virtual Team. Published in: European Journal of Scientific Research , Vol. 34, No. 3 (2009): pp. 297-307.
Pau, Louis-François (2009): Business and social evaluation of denial of service attacks in view of scaling economic counter-measures. Forthcoming in:
Yawson, Robert M. (2009): The ecological system of innovation: A new architectural framework for a functional evidence-based platform for science and innovation policy. Published in: The Future of Innovation: Proceedings of the XX ISPIM 2009 Conference, Vienna, Austria, June 21-24, 2009
Chi, Wei and Qian, Xiaoye (2009): The role of education in regional innovation activities and economic growth: spatial evidence from China. Unpublished.
Singh, Lakhwinder and Singh, Baldev (2009): National Innovation System in the Era of Liberalization: Implications for Science and Technology Policy for Developing Economies. Unpublished.
Jääskeläinen, Kristian and Pau, Louis-François (2009): ERP project’s internal stakeholder network and how it influences the project’s outcome. Unpublished.
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Petsas, Iordanis (2009): General Purpose Technologies and their Implications for International Trade. Unpublished.
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Ale Ebrahim, Nader; Ahmed, Shamsuddin and Taha, Zahari (2009): Virtual Teams for New Product Development – An Innovative Experience for R&D Engineers. Published in: European Journal of Educational Studies , Vol. 1, No. 3 (October 2009): pp. 109-123.
Shafia, Mohammad Ali; Ale Ebrahim, Nader; Ahmed, Shamsuddin and Taha, Zahari (2009): Innovation Process is Facilitated in Virtual Environment of R&D Teams. Published in: International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies (EDULEARN09), Barcelona, Spain. (08. July 2009): pp. 2157-2166.
Ale Ebrahim, Nader; Ahmed, Shamsuddin and Taha, Zahari (2009): Modified stage-gate: A conceptual model of virtual product development process. Published in: African Journal of Marketing Management , Vol. 1, No. 9 (2009): pp. 211-219.
Repkine, Alexandre (2009): Telecommunications Capital Intensity and Aggregate Production Efficiency: a Meta-Frontier Analysis. Unpublished.
Skevas, Theodoros; Wesseler, Justus and Fevereiro, Pedro (2009): Coping with ex-ante regulations for planting Bt maize: the Portuguese experience. Published in: AgBioForum , Vol. 12, No. 1 (January 2009): pp. 60-69.
Wesseler, Justus and Scatasta, Sara (2009): Editor’s introduction. the future of agricultural biotechnology: creative destruction, adoption, or irrelevance?–in honor of Prof. Vittorio Santaniello. Published in: AgBioForum , Vol. 12, No. 1 (January 2009): pp. 1-3.
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Shafia, Mohammad Ali; Ale Ebrahim, Nader; Ahmed, Shamsuddin and Taha, Zahari (2009): Consideration of the virtual team work and disabled citizens, as promising opportunity providers for the e government infrastructure's formation. Published in: The Second Conference on Electronic City (e-city 2009), Tehran, Iran. (25. May 2009): pp. 959-966.
Laruccia, Mauro M. (2009): From
. Published in: Inter Science Place , Vol. 9, No. 2 (September 2009)
Castellacci, Fulvio (2009): How does competition affect the relationship between innovation and productivity? Estimation of a CDM model for Norway. Unpublished.
Das, Gouranga (2009): How to Reap the Induced Technological Bonus? A Mechanism and Illustrative Implementation. Published in: Modern Economy , Vol. 1, No. 1 (August 2010): pp. 80-88.
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JEL Classification: O3 - Technological Change; Research and Development - Munich Personal RePEc Archive

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