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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Scientific Writing Seminar

Scientific Writing Seminar (26th - 27th November 2014)

[ admin ] [ 01-10-2014 ]

This Scientific Writing Seminar is held as a response to meet the
individual’s need to acquire specific knowledge and skills to write and
publish scientific manuscripts and the institution’s needs to enhance

 This seminar targets post-graduate students, researchers and academic
staff who conduct research and need to develop successful scientific
writing skills.

In this seminar, participants will be taught the structure of a
scientific paper, and how to prepare a scientific manuscript for
publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

The lectures in this seminar cover : Importance of writing, Types of
scientific  writing & Paper Structure; Writing the title, abstract,
keywords; Introduction Formulating the Research Questions &
Objectives; Writing Methods & Materials; Writing Results &
Discussion; Managing References & Citation; Writing a review paper;
case study, commentary, Technical note, Dealing with language;
Manuscript submission; Dealing with revision & rejection and
Publication Ethics.

There will be limited places in the seminar. So early application is advised.

Closing date for application is  14th November 2014


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