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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Virtual Collaboration Network - News

News, Announcements, and Call for Papers

Please send us news and announcements (conferences, call for Papers, etc.) that might be interesting for the visitors of the virtual collaboration network.

Date News and Announcements
5 March 2010 Update in Tools section: MotiSim ToolKit 2.0
22 January 2009 Special Issue of the Journal of Managerial Psychology - Excellence in Teams: How to Achieve Performance Gains in Working Groups
Call for Papers (pdf)
20 January 2009 Relaunch of the Virtual Collaboration Network website on a server provided by the University of Münster.
Design & code reengineering by ds-WebWorks
28-30 August 2007 ITA2006 - 12th International Workshop on Telework (Lillehammer, Norway)
Call for Papers (pdf)
29-31 July 2007 IFIP Working Group 8.2 Working Conference on Virtuality and Virtualization (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Virtual Collaboration Network - News

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