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Friday, 27 January 2012

JMIR-Instructions for Authors of JMIR

Fast-Track Review and Premium Publishing

Authors sometimes have to meet publication deadlines, e.g. for promotion & tenure or thesis defense, grant proposals, spending of research funds before a certain deadline, publication of follow-up papers, or because the findings are deemed important.

To facilitate a speedy turn-around when a rapid decision is required, JMIR offers a review model in which selected peer reviewers may be paid to deliver high-quality and speedy peer-review reports. This is entirely optional - if you do not wish to pay for a fast-track peer review and premium publishing process, just submit your paper normally as described above.

If you opt for fast-track review and premium publishing, you are guaranteed

  • a rapid editorial decision and peer-review comments within 3 weeks (plus any additional holidays within that period)* after submission and payment of the fee, and
  • if the final paper is accepted, publication of your paper within 4 weeks** after acceptance and payment of the fee.

In order to take advantage of this, authors must pay a non-refundable fast-track fee (FTF). This should be done within 24 hours after submission. The FTF can be paid immediately after submission using the manuscript submission system. For further information see Pay Fast-Track Fee. We now also allow authors to expedite the submission at any time during the peer-review process.

We reserve the right to refund the fast-track fee and process the manuscript in the regular submission track if we are unable to meet the deadline due to a delayed peer-review report or other issues beyond our control.

* Canadian, US and European bank holidays, and excluding the days in the period between Dec 23rd - Jan 1st (of each year).

** not including the period between Dec 23rd-Jan 1st. Days where we wait for a response of the author(s) to copyediting or proofreading requests are also not counted

JMIR-Instructions for Authors of JMIR

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