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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Performance and Learning in Virtual Work Teams: Comparing Brazilians and Argentineans

Sonia María Guedes-Gondim1, Katia Puente-Palacio2, Jairo Eduardo Borges-Andrade2

1Universidade Federal da Bahia
2Universidade de Brasília



The objective of this study was to analyze virtual teams from Brazil and Argentina. 181 Brazilians and 84 Argentineans responded to an electronic survey. Differences were found regarding the use of learning strategies, the need for training, and the perceived quality of interactions and effectiveness of virtual teams. The belief that the differences are more easily overcome in virtual teams than in traditional (co-located) teams explains to a greater extent the variance in the responses of Brazilians than Argentineans.

Keywords: performance, virtual team, learning strategies, virtual work.

Revista de Psicología del Trabajo y de las Organizaciones - Desempeño y Aprendizaje en Equipos Virtuales de Trabajo: Comparando Brasileños y Argentinos

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