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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Virtual Team Collaboration Taxonomy.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Collaborative Tools Technology
A. Asynchronous Functions = functions to enable collaboration when people are not together at the same time
1. email = electronic mail; enables text communication with attachments over the Internet to individuals or lists.
2. Calendar (personal and team) = personal calendars contain an individual person’s private schedule in a calendar format. Team calendars are calendars shared across a team of people.
3. Task list (personal and team) = personal task list enables an individual person’s private task list (e.g. task name, description, status, & due date). Team task list enables a task list shared across a team of people.
4. Directory/address book = a list of contacts including information such as name, telephone number, and email address. Can be personal or shared in the context of a team space.
5. Threaded discussion forum = an online text-based discussion where topics can be posted and replied to in a threaded fashion (e.g topic, reply to topic, reply to reply to topic, etc…). Forums typically identify participants, allow for attachments, are time-stamped and are searchable.
6. Bulletin board = an online text-based capability to post news items, much like physical bulletin boards.
7. Document/file/content management = the ability to post (or publish), share, and manage access to documents, files and information objects.
a) File sharing (documents, etc) = the ability to post documents and make them available to others. Typically supported by access control lists, so that the poster can assign a list of who can read or update the file.
b) File check out/in = the ability for authorized people to obtain a write lock on a document to enable coordinated updates to a document (e.g. only one person can make changes to the document at a time).
Virtual Team Collaboration Taxonomy.pdf (application/pdf Object)

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