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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Scopus Release | SciVerse

  • Easily analyze the results of a search
    With one button click your search metrics are transformed into a tabbed organization of graphs and charts ready for review, export and email.

Watch this brief video on the new Analyze Results feature.

  • Building on the familiar Refine results window, one click of the Analyze results button generates organized and graphical displays that will encourage more users to explore search results and gain a better understanding and appreciation for the metrics available. For a given search, users can determine the growth of interest in an area including, overall document publication by year, source title activity, top authors and more. And simply clicking data points on the graphs opens contextual boxes with additional relevant information.

Improved Scopus Search

  • Scopus searching has been improved; specifically US/UK spelling variations and Greek letter spelling/symbol, results now include both variations. Simply entering either spelling variation, US or UK, will yield the results of both searches.
  • Saved Searches and Alerts impacted.
    All users of searches and alerts, please note the search improvements could change search results substantially.

  • Advanced Search has been improved as well. It is now possible to combine terms with OR when using the proximity operator so that you can specifying the distance of the two terms for a much more targeted search.

For more information about new features coming to SciVerse products like ScienceDirect, Hub and Applications, head back to the main page.

Scopus Release | SciVerse

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