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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Tips for Leading Virtual Teams | Posi+ively Successful Magazine

As the world becomes more mobile, those looking for management positions need to be sure to have the skills necessary for leading virtual teams. This is an exciting opportunity for leaders to step up and change the way business is done, becoming trendsetters in new areas of expertise. Many of the skills developed in traditional leadership roles will be instrumental in creating a successful team.

  • Clarity of focus is important. Be sure the members of the team are aware of their individual roles, as well as the goals of the entire team. In order for a virtual team to have a true connection, each member must be aware of the reasons he or she was chosen for the team. They must have confidence in their own skill sets, and understand what they each bring to the table.
  • Virtual does not mean disorganized. Procedures must be established regarding communication protocol, meeting formats, and technologies that will be used. A team web page or social media page is a great place to connect; if properly done, it will serve as a virtual water cooler.
  • Communication will promote discipline. Because information is sometimes shared at a slower pace between virtual teammates, it is crucial that the project manager ensures that time is managed effectively and deadlines are maintained. Foster transparency by keeping communication in a shared database. “Live” documents are a great way to promote teamwork; by allowing team members access to the same document at the same time, cooperation is encouraged and duplication is minimized.
  • Every team member should have a voice. Solicit feedback, and act on the items that will best promote team cohesiveness. The key to building trust and success is to encourage candid feedback, and reinforce to team members that their voices are being heard.
  • Trust is the key to a successful team. Traditional methods of trust building are difficult when team members are dispersed and interaction is minimal. Therefore, it is extremely important for team leaders to honor the rules and roles set by the team, follow through properly, ensure the team has the resources to succeed, and empower team members to make decisions.

The secret to a successful career lies in staying on the cusp of current trends, which includes assuring that you have the skills necessary for forward thinking tasks like leading virtual teams. For more tips, strategies, and career advice, rely on Positively Successful Magazine. Continue reading on ourwebsite to learn more, or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to share your tips!

Tips for Leading Virtual Teams | Posi+ively Successful Magazine

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