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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Nader Ale Ebrahim @ Udemy

Nader Ale Ebrahim
PhD candidate at University of Malaya
Short Bio:

Nader Ale Ebrahim is a Technology Management PhD candidate in the Department of Engineering Design and Manufacture, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya. He holds a Master of Science in mechanical engineering from University of Tehran with distinguished honors, and more than 17 years of experience in setting up R & D in different companies, project manager and Project Coordinator and knowledge based system implementation in R&D department. His research interests focus on the management of virtual teams for new product development in SMEs R&D centers. His papers have presented in the several referees journal and conferences.

Teaching 2 Courses
137 subscribed users
10 lectures
Virtual R&D teams
by Nader Ale Ebrahim
Description: "A virtual team is a small temporary groups of geographically, organizationally and/ or time dispersed knowledge workers who coordinate their work predominantly with electronic information and communic…"
20 subscribed users
4 lectures
How to increase h-index
by Nader Ale Ebrahim
Description: "Publishing a high quality paper in scientific journals is a halfway of receiving citation in the future. The rest of the way is advertising and disseminating the publications by using the proper ―Rese…"

Nader Ale Ebrahim | PhD candidate at University of Malaya | Udemy

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