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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Virtual Team Management Using One-On-One Meetings | SEO melbourne

Part of a successful virtual team management is arranging regular one on one meetings with each of your staff members.

When there is no coffee machine to gather around, it is that little bit harder to get to really know your virtual staff member. It is so easy for one of your office staff to drop by your desk, but with your virtual staff, it requires a greater deal of organization for these meetings to happen.

It is well worth the effort to find out about your virtual team. What are their hobbies, how many children do they have, what does their spouse do? Knowing your virtual team member to this extent will cement the relationship between you the employer and your employee.

A person who has a genuine relationship with their boss will want to please him and be willing to work harder for him. But you don’t build this sort of relationship in managing virtual teams just to see what you can get out of it. You do it because you are genuinely interested in your remote staff

Virtual Team Management Using One-On-One Meetings | SEO melbourne

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